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  1. tearsofthenight

    Looking for a save system script like this -

    basically im looking for a save system that when you call the save menu, it brings up a journal like picture with lines where you can save.
  2. tearsofthenight

    RPG MAKER 2003 Overworld Chipset Request

    Hello! Im looking for just any basic Overworld chipset for rpg maker 2003!
  3. tearsofthenight

    [REQUEST] [ACE] 1 Touch Movement Script Request

    Hello im looking for a script that only allows you to move 1 tile at a time with a tap of the Dpad-analog stick. I also need to be able to speed up my movement with faster taps to!
  4. tearsofthenight

    ACE - Remove Battle Fade in/ Fade out script?

    im searching for a script that removes the battle FADE IN/OUT in ACE Thanks!
  5. tearsofthenight

    (Ace) Tearsofthenight's Big Dungeons Shop! (free)

    So im offering my services to anyone in need of large sized dungeons in ACE Here are some  of my work! If you are requesting pls state the dimension of the dungeon how many floors, and Tileset you want me to use.
  6. tearsofthenight

    Free to use Retro Business Man Sprite XP

    Credits : Enterbrain, Tearsofthenight
  7. tearsofthenight

    [ACE] "Gameboy" Styled window skin request

    hello im looking for a window skin like this - 
  8. tearsofthenight

    [ACE] Looking for gas station tiles inside and out!

    Hello, im currently looking for a set of tilesets for a gas station map and the inside of the gas station to!
  9. tearsofthenight

    [XP] Kaiji Sprite Request (Brown jacket version)

    Hello! I have a special request for a XP sprite of this amazing anime character Kaiji - With his brown iconic jacket and funny face xD do not include the device on his ear please!
  10. tearsofthenight

    ACE Title Screen Request

    The name of my game is - World of Blobs and i need a cartoony title screen with themes of the 5 worlds - Forest, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. And of course blobs xD 544 x 416 resolution
  11. tearsofthenight

    Need a copy of this demo! The dropbox link is down, anyone have a copy of this demo?
  12. tearsofthenight

    ACE - Pixel movement jump script request

    hello! Im requesting a jump button script that will work with pixel movement since i have this glitch when i use other jump scripts with Victors pixel movment script - Victors pixel movement script -
  13. tearsofthenight

    Victors Pixel movement and Galv's Jump Script Problem. Urgent help needed!

    So i have been making a platformer in ACE using Victors Movement and moving platform script with Galvs button jump script and i run into this problem with edges of the wall barriers - Basically i need a fix for this so its impossible to land on the edge of these barriers as it allows the player...
  14. tearsofthenight

    ACE - Melodys gold HUD script error

    hello! I have a bit of a problem with melody's gold hud script - I get this crash when i enter the map to display the HUD - And was wondering if anyone knew a fix?
  15. tearsofthenight

    ACE - Looking for a ship tileset!

    Hello! Im looking for a ship tileset for a game cutscene. In rpg maker ace.
  16. tearsofthenight

    I own XP on steam as well as ACE, is there site to download the XP tiles Converted to ace?

    I want to use the XP tiles in ace, is there a website to download them converted to ace's size?
  17. tearsofthenight

    Does anyone know what battle system this is in XP?

    Here is the battle system i found for XP but i need the name of it - 
  18. tearsofthenight

    Tearsofthenight Mapping Contest! (for fun!) No prizes but other things!

    Hello RPG Forums! So I have been thinking about a cool contest involving a certain theme to a map. So low and behold my first ever mapping contest! For this contest I want you to make a dungeon map with the theme of Ancient and Mysterious. It can be ANY size, but the theme MUST be Ancient/old...
  19. tearsofthenight

    Best scripts for a Text game in ACE?

    hello! I have a idea for a text ACE game and was wondering if there are any scripts that can enhance this!
  20. tearsofthenight

    A movie recommendation

    I recently stumbled upon a hidden gem that flew under my radar for the longest time - Its called Heart of a dragon - Its a powerful and compelling story of a brother (jackie chan) That must overcome incredible odds to save his mentally handicapped brother...

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