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  1. slimmmeiske2

    Translation launch plugins (7/15 done)

    Update: All plugins have been translated in the new MZ update. Please check it out. --- Disclaimer: All plugins in this thread are included in the BasicResources DLC of MZ, but were unfortunately not translated to English. Until now ;) Please follow the Terms of Use included for each plugin...
  2. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's this and thats -MZ edition-

    Hiya, thanks for checking out my thread. :ahappy: I'll be posting bits and pieces here. For all resources here included, unless stated otherwise: - You need to own RPG Maker MZ. - You need to credit Kadokawa and me. Terms of use: - Editing is fine, as is sharing edits. - Commercial usage is...
  3. slimmmeiske2

    [RMXP] Rye's Collapsed CMS extra row?

    I recently discovered Rye's Collapsed CMS and am editing it to fit my game better. I've run into a problem though: I have a lot more menu commands than this script uses, but they don't all fit on the first row. So I want to add an extra row, but how do I do that? I have discovered how to make...
  4. slimmmeiske2

    Anthro animals sprites

    I've collected a lot of sprites for an (anthro) animal village. But I'm still missing some: Resource Type: Sprites Maker Format: XP or VXAce Art Style: XP or VXAce preferred Description: I'm in need of an anthro cow and an anthro squirel sprite. Reference Images: Like these, but a cow and...
  5. slimmmeiske2

    RMMV Fairy Cabs (IGMC 2018)

    Fairy Cabs is celebrating their 20th anniversary. We're expanding more day by day and are in search of new colleagues. Do you have a little magic in you when it comes to customer service? Are you proficient on casting spells for on-time delivery? Do you have what it takes to curse those...
  6. slimmmeiske2

    [RMXP] Editing Moghunter's Picture Gallery Script

    Hello, I've been messing around with Moghunter's Picture Gallery script, trying to edit it to fit my needs (with my limited RGSS knowledge). However there's a couple of things that I just can't seem to fix/find myself. 1. I want the columns centered on each page of the book. I've been able to...
  7. slimmmeiske2

    No transition

    I was wondering if there's a way to have no transition, when I use Change Scene. So far I've used the Change Transition command and changed the duration to 0, but the fade in/out still exists. I looked in the manual and found a mention that you could change the duration of the fade in/out on...
  8. slimmmeiske2

    RMXP Slim reviews [Time to play the Game!]

    Muahahahaha I'll be playing and reviewing some IGMC games. When the contest ended I made a list of games to play, so I'm (finally) going through them right now. Important things to note: I play the contest version. If by any chance, you want me to try again and play an updated version, just...
  9. slimmmeiske2

    Large icons

    Hi there! I really want to use 48x48 icons in my game, unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how. :aswt: I know there's a script for VXAce, but I don't seem to find one for XP. I only really need the big icons in my inventory/item menu. Also I am using a custom item menu script (Icon Items...
  10. slimmmeiske2

    Request entity too large error

    I've been trying to fix the layout of my translated terms first post. Unfortunately after saving it, I got the following error: The following error occurred: Request Entity Too Large The requested resource /index.php does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided...
  11. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's Sprite Corner [CLOSED]

    Hi there! Welcome to my request thread. :wub: I'm setting this up temporary, as I'm planning to open a commission thread in the future. Rules: Don't forget to credit me as slimmmeiske2. I only do human(oid)s at the moment. I don't do battlers. Make sure to describe the sprite you...
  12. slimmmeiske2

    Options script

    I need an option scene for my game. I found one by bigace, but it's not exactly what I want. Mock-ups: Other info: It should just use my windowskin for the window and the titlescreen for the background. I've already added the command for the Options menu where I want it (titlescreen), so no...
  13. slimmmeiske2

    Slim's this and thats

    ...Literally what it says in the title Terms: * Credit: necessary. Please credit me by full username (slimmmeiske2). * Repost: No * Edit: OK * Posting those edits: OK. Remember to credit. * Commercial usage: OK As per RPG Maker's EULA you can only use these in other RPG Makers as long as you...
  14. slimmmeiske2

    IGMC Tester Service

    Hi everyone! :)   It’s only day 3 of the madness that is known as the IGMC, but I’d like to go ahead and offer my services as a tester/bug squasher. I’ve got some time on my hand (but not enough to actually enter this time), so I’d like to help others out through this way :3   In case you’re...
  15. slimmmeiske2

    Fairy Tale Resources

    I have no idea how helpful this thread is going to be, but I hope you'll find what you need, whether you're working on a fairy tale game or a fairy tale themed village/dungeon. Aladdin: Apoc's female genie portraits, Appeared from the pond's genie battler (Terms) [original], Arteria's magic...
  16. slimmmeiske2

    RMXP Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    Plot: One day before Little Red Riding Hood has to visit her ol' poor sick grandmother and meets a wolf 'who has a great mind of eating her up', she's enjoying a normal day running errands and playing outside. Can you change the ending of this well-known fairy tale or will you let it run its...
  17. slimmmeiske2

    [XP] Trying to use Ccoa's UMS and Fukuyama's Caterpillar script

    So I've been using ccoa's UMS for a long time now, but in my current project I'm using her comic style messages. Everything works fine, except for centering the messages on other actors in the train. I tried using her caterpillar script, but it gave me errors, so I decided to use Fukuyama's...
  18. slimmmeiske2

    BGM not playing

    My betatesters are coming across a weird bug. When they enter a certain area they should be hearing a track playing, but instead they hear nothing. When I go to that area, I do hear the track playing. (Both from the updated game file and the extracted, compressed demo file.) They do hear all...
  19. slimmmeiske2

    What's your favourite fairy tale?

    Started in my status feed, but there were so many interesting and great replies, I couldn't answer to them all. Alkorri gave me the idea of starting a topic therefore. Question's pretty simple, what's your favourite fairy tale? (Unless we start defining what a fairy tale is, in which case...
  20. slimmmeiske2

    DS-style RTP characters

    I was wondering where I can find DS-style sprites of RTP characters. I know DS+ has a couple Ace's, but I was wondering about the rest. Are they simply not made yet? Or are they hidden away in the depths of Member+? ;)

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