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  1. Diego2112

    It's Me Again, Margret...

    Hey there, hi there, ho there, how the heck are ya? It's Xenos here, doing the semi-annual-every-other-year check-in thing I seem to do with most forums these days. I would say "Yeah, I'm happy to be back and you can look for more stuff from me in the near future!" but that would be nothing but...
  2. Diego2112

    Feedback on concept I'm bouncing around.

    Alright, started working on this idea around a week ago, give or take.  It's kind of flourishing and growing as I go.  I would like some feedback on if it's a concept that should even be pursued, as the whole "Kidnapped Wife/Man Against the System" thing is a bit cliche (read: EXTREMELY...
  3. Diego2112

    Morendah: Search for a Cure

    Alrighty then...  I suppose I should post the idea here, maybe get some feedback, see if it's worth half a darn. Now, I DO NOT have any screenshots yet, as I've mostly been trying to get certain event systems down.  I actually started with the idea of what the player gets to DO before I started...
  4. Diego2112

    Planetary/Solar System/Interstellar Tilesets?

    I have the Future Tilesets, and the Future Character sets.  Those are great!  But what I'm looking for are actual planets (not parallax pictures, unless I can get an entire solar system). What I'm looking to do is have a complete solar/interstellar system going on so the player can visit...
  5. Diego2112

    Been gone a while...

    Not that many (if any) rightly recall me-took a bit of a break back around July-August when I ended up with a fractured spine.  Has been an uphill struggle since healthwise, but I ain't much of one for boring with the details. I can't say I'll be right regular on here, as it's still a bit...

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