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  1. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Time System

    You need to be a veteran (having posted 30 messages) to access that subforum, actually. Sure!
  2. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Time System

    I may consider that if many users ask for it. Also, I have a banner in my signature that links to my shop. I'm kinda busy with school and stuff at the moment though.
  3. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】"【Foxy's】Profiles Menu" extension customization

    6 is a valid number (below should be explained what to do to make it work). Good question. Yes, you are supposed to use live preview to help you find the right position. Also, if you detatch the live preview (ctrl+d or something) while you are in the main scene, then go to the frame scene and...
  4. FoxySeta

    Loading a save file with choices on screen stucks the game after answering

    By choice scene I meant scene with add and show choice commands in it. With scripted UI, you need to call that scene using "Call scene".
  5. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】"【Foxy's】Profiles Menu" extension customization

    @animesock52 If there's still anything you do not understand, jut go and ask here! I hope this turns out to be useful for you.
  6. FoxySeta

    【Foxy's】How to pack Visual Novel Maker games using Enigma VB

    Try with Database - > System - > Save in App Data Directory or something.
  7. FoxySeta

    FREE 【VNM】【Recruitment Thread】A Priori

    Bump: we still need a BG artist and a game tester:kaocry:
  8. FoxySeta

    VNMaker 【Chapter 1】A Priori

    Bump: we still need a BG artist and a game tester:kaocry:
  9. FoxySeta

    SERVICE Composer looking for fun passion project

    Hey there! You can check my banner if you want. (The project's name is A Priori)
  10. FoxySeta

    How to change the message text size ingame???

    My PC is turned off at the moment, but it's probably a bug of Component_CommandInterpreter (like a interpreter.NumberValueOf() missing or something). An alternative could be using {SZ:30}. Still, since text codes cannot be nested, you cannot use {SZ:{GN:52}}. You should work on a Placeholder...
  11. FoxySeta

    VNMaker 【Chapter 1】A Priori

    Bump: we still need a BG artist and a game tester:kaocry:
  12. FoxySeta

    FREE 【VNM】【Recruitment Thread】A Priori

    Thanks! You should be able to download our alpha from the official page.
  13. FoxySeta

    Dr. Yami just liked two of my extensions on the forum and now I feel like one of those anime...

    Dr. Yami just liked two of my extensions on the forum and now I feel like one of those anime girl noticed by their senpai(^o^)
  14. FoxySeta

    Nested conditions

    It is meant to be executed after "IF current frame layout = 0" (regardless of the branch chosen after evaluating the above-mentioned condition). (The screenshot should show that as I described it) That's right. "Else"s are optional in conditions, and I didn't want anything to happen with a...
  15. FoxySeta

    Nested conditions

    This is part of a common event I am implementing. The process stops right before calling "Generate Frames". Because of this, if I want to execute the exact common event call regardless of the esit of the condition above, I need to to put it both after "Change Background -> Foreground" and "Clean...
  16. FoxySeta

    The backgrounds are supposed to preload, but...

    TY I'll check it out asap. Also, you suggested editing the original script since the update this is going to be fixed in will be the next beta patch, right (just making sure so it doesn't get overwritten)?
  17. FoxySeta

    The backgrounds are supposed to preload, but...

    So, I'm passing a background image name as parameter for a common event in order to use it from there. I have made use of the "commenting" trick to make it preload anyway, but it still doesn't work, so I suspect there's something wrong with the command interpreter script (like, some...
  18. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Time System

    Introduction This extension is nothing huge, actually. I just needed this function for a project I'm working on. Description A very very small extension to show the player what chapter they're playing and what part of the day it is at the moment. Download Google Drive Installation Check the...
  19. FoxySeta

    Javascript 【Foxy's】Gauges System

    Update #1.2.0 You can now choose a different size for your gauges each time you show one It is now possible to choose the max value for your character's stat from one of their parameters

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