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  1. David Bergström

    Can you alter the framerate of animations?

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if there is a way to change (I need to slow down) the framerate at which animations are shown on the overworld? I have a custom animation I made looping as part of my terrain, but it is running through a touch quickly, and I was just wondering if there is a...
  2. David Bergström

    [ACE] Help with Grimmoire Castle's 'Go Go Totori!' alchemy script.

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows of a way using Grimmoire Castle's Go Go Totori! alchemy script recipes to require a specific item and not any item of a particular family. At the moment, within my game, No matter which item ID I specify under the notetags, any item in the same...
  3. David Bergström

    Anyone know of some strategy battle systems for RGM VX Ace?

    Hey everyone! I've been looking to see if there are any strategy based battle systems for RPG Maker VX Ace. My searching turned up a few scripts, such as Ra's TBS Alpha and GubiD's system, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any others. Ideally, I'd love it if there was a 'fleet' based...
  4. David Bergström

    Query regarding Project Recruitment?

    Hey All, I just thought I would pop up a quick question regarding the 'project recruitment' section of the forums: Is there a way to tell if your post has been rejected by the mods? I ask because I tried to place a post up on there a few days back, and it has been 'awaiting moderation' for a...
  5. David Bergström

    Graphic Artist / Designer for Title Screens and / or insets.

    Hi all! I'm a *reasonably* competent graphic designer who is open to taking requests for title screens for game ideas and projects. I'm capable with typography editing and design, and I am willing to make a few title screens for free for any projects and such that are in need.  I am open to...
  6. David Bergström

    A quest system script?

    Hey Everyone! Another random question for you guys out there: Does anyone know if there is a quest system script? By that, I mean a script that allows for sidequests to be made and kept track of. Alternatively, does anyone know of a script / way to make a 'quest log' type screen? Because I'm...
  7. David Bergström

    Some help with Particle Illusion 3?

    Hey everyone,  ​I wasn't too sure whether or not this counted as an RPG Maker query or not, so my apologies if it's in the right spot, but it does directly relate to using VX Ace, so I thought I would at least try. Anyway, I recently bought Wondertouch's Particle Illusion 3, and have been using...
  8. David Bergström

    A Graphic based 'menu' input?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone new of any scripts / ways to create a graphic based menu / option system? I ask because I need a map system that functions a little like the map system in the Atelier games, where each area on the map has an icon, and you can toggle between them using...
  9. David Bergström

    Pandemonium's Tenth Circle of Resources!

    Hey all! Pandemonium / David here! I recently started trying my hand at making some tiles for people to use in RPG Maker, seeing as I wanted to give something back to the extremely helpful community.  As I said, I am VERY new to the whole idea, and so this was a bit of an experiment for me, so...
  10. David Bergström

    Some help with MOGHunter's Animated Menu Script?

    Hey everyone! I'm currently creating a project with makes use of MOGHunter's / Atelier-rgss's Animated Menu Script to place a company / design logo at the beginning of runtime of the game. (Like when a 'Square Enix' logo pops up in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series). The script works...
  11. David Bergström

    Actor Busts in battle?

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently working on a project where characters have different 'forms' in which they can change between, affecting their skills, stats and appearance. The player is able to have the actors swap between these forms mid battle through the use of skills. While it's simple enough...
  12. David Bergström

    Music on Intro?

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently using MOGHunter's Animated Menu script ( and I was wondering if anyone knows of a way that enables a sound file to be made to play when the Logo.png file is displayed on screen?  It would make a nice touch for a...
  13. David Bergström

    Artist needed for Battler creation! Dungeon Crawling RPG.

    Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a game project that takes a form reminiscent of the Japanese Dungeon Crawling genre, such as the games Etrian Odyssey, Recettear, and Kamidori: Alchemy Meister. The game, only given the working title 'Project: Dungeon' for now, will centre around a young...
  14. David Bergström

    Floating sparkles and such...

    Hey everyone, I've been looking all over for sprites / character sets of ... well, I guess you could call them 'sparkles'. Essentially, I need a character set of a goup of small lights floating and spiraling, kinda like what you see in a JRPG with a save point. I'm not expecting anyone to make...
  15. David Bergström

    Passive skills / abilities?

    Hey Everyone! Does anybody know of any way, or any scripts that enable the use of passive abilities / skills that effect the world outside of battle? By that, I mean skills that once learnt have an effect on the game overworld. Say, for example, an actor learns the skills 'search' at level 10...
  16. David Bergström

    Names for magic?

    Hey everyone! I was talking with some friends about a project we're considering making, and we were talking about the semantics of Magic and names for it, and we were talking about the compromise between originality and simplicity and familiarity. It got me thinking and I thought I'd put this...
  17. David Bergström

    [ACE] Help with Tsukihime's Event Wrapper?

    Hey everyone, I'm using Tsukihime's 'Event Wrapper' script at the moment, and I'v encountered a slight problem that no matter how many times I try to fix it, I can't seem to shake. Basically, I'm trying to script an 'crop' event that when the date ($game_variables[2]) changes, the even spits out...
  18. David Bergström

    Generating a random number?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone new of a script call for generating a random number? I need to use it with Hime's 'Event Wrapping' script to produce the chance of an event occurring, however it seems that the normal 'rand(n)' doesn't work. I've searched and searched, and I can't seem to...
  19. David Bergström

    Parallel event pages?

    Hey guys,  this is probably an odd request, but I'm wondering if there is a way to have parallel event pages? What I mean by that, is two event pages on the same event running simultaneously, for example, one parallel process constantly checking if a variable has changed, while the other page...
  20. David Bergström

    Character Selection?

    (Sorry if this is a repost, but my last one didn't appear to work) Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a way (whether by script or not, I don't mind) for a character selection screen at the beginning of a game similar to the sort of thing you see on Teken, Soul Calibur and the Warriors...

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