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  1. ninjalex

    Chosen Destiny I - Demo

    Introduction This is a short demo of my upcoming game Chosen Destiny I.  I'm looking for early feedback and positive as well as negative criticism.       Prologue   In the world of Xenus, the Human inhabited Quilth Kingdom, and the Orc inhabited Zenith Kingdom are at bitter ends. Having fought...
  2. ninjalex

    Character Skins

    Is there or could someone make a script that allows the user to change character skins? Skins are outfits that the player can choose from to accessorize the actors. The skins would just be for a different look and will not change the actor's class, skills, weapon equipment, parameters and etc...
  3. ninjalex

    Swim Suit Characters

     Swim Suit Characters Annette Swim Suit and Lilly Bathing Suit are both characters I made using the default template from the character generator. A simple copy and paste job with minor re-touch. Female Swimmer 1 - 7 were made by character generator that came with Vx ace. I'm using them in my...
  4. ninjalex

    Orc King Faceset Needed!

    In my game I have an Orc King. I decided ti use the sprite below for the character. I need however a face set to match the sprite. An emotional face set is not required but would be greatly appreciated. The emotions would be Normal, Happy, Angry, Injured, Sad, Shocked, Excited and Disappointed...
  5. ninjalex

    Icons incorrect in Ace Battle Engine & Battle Symphony

    I have been using Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22 and Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony for quite sometime in my games. I have encountered the issue of having the parameters icons while in battle being an incorrect icon.  It seems like an easy fix however I haven't been able to...
  6. ninjalex

    Forrest Gnome Sprite and Faceset Needed!

    I am using rpg maker vx ace and I need a Forrest/Garden Gnome character set for my game. I have searched for one and have no luck in finding one. If some one could make a character set for me or happens to know where I can find a Gnome sprite that would be great! I just basic character set so...
  7. ninjalex

    Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Please Delete this topic.  My game will be now be featured on steam.

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