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  1. somenick

    RMMV Galactic 123 Online - Browser Game

    Open BETA Game is open for BETA testing. Opens and plays in web browser, no download needed. Here: - - - - - Screenshots (June 23, 2020) Special thanks to @Dread_Nyanak for making the awesome MV3D plugin, used in this game :) - - - - - Galactic 123 Online is a...
  2. somenick

    Having BOTH visual encounters and random encounters

    I am playing with the idea of featuring BOTH types of encounters. Granted, on most normal maps, it would only be visible encounters, but on maps with very tall grass / foggy climate / poor visibility conditions / extremely rainy places, I might also add random encounters. (Maybe hero characters...
  3. somenick

    Parallax Background Image Resizing in RM MV?

    Hello. Im not sure exactly where to post this question, so apologies beforehand if wrong forum. Im working on some project that may involve some parallax images. If I place a small parallax image on a map, it will repeat itself, as expected. Is there a known way to make the parallax image...
  4. somenick


    Hi. I want to mention sort of an idea I had for guns in a scifi game I'm working on. You tell me if it sounds interesting or not. Here I go: In my game, each character can have two weapons. A melee one, that is used when the player selects 'Attack', and a gun weapon. Attack makes the player...
  5. somenick

    If I buy VN Maker can I use its graphics and sounds/musics in RPG Maker MV? (Which I bought)

    Can I legally use VN Maker resources in RPG Maker MV? * I bought RPM Maker MV here. * I might buy VN Maker from Steam, to take advantage of some giftcard balance.
  6. somenick

    Is there a method in RMMV to load a specific save game file?

    Is there a method in RMMV to load a specific save game file? I mean, for example, you walk up to some event and interact with it, and it will run a script... Is it possible to, say, load save game file 1 (slot 1)?
  7. somenick

    Kill a boss monster in one shot?

    Hi. I'd like to know what you think of a mechanic I have been implementing in a game I am developing. It is a fairly huge game, and it is possible to find optional secret characters for your party. One such character is a sorceress that has, maybe, four or five spells, tops, but boy do they...
  8. somenick

    I need help with my final dungeon

    OK. Basically, my game is divided in 3 acts. It is a scifi plot set in space, and it revolves around hunting down an arms dealer. Act 1 - You kind of have to duke it out on a medieval-ish planet before you get travelling among the stars. There are plot reasons that require to accomplish...
  9. somenick

    Steemit, social network that pays you for writing wathever you want

    I wanted to share this information. There is a site, Steemit (dot Com), which is a social network that pays you for writing whatever you want. RPG maker articles are perfectly valid. They pay you in a currency known as STEEM, which can later be converted to Bitcoin at various sites (Poloniex...
  10. somenick

    Here, I contribute some monster images for you

    Hello! I did some recoloring of RPG Maker MV's monster characters, to spice up variety a bit. Feel free to use in both commercial and non commercial games. No need to give credits. Place in /characters folder. Since the original images were made by Enterbrain, their terms apply. Enjoy! -...
  11. somenick

    Galactic 123

    Galactic 123   This will be a fairly short RPG game, possible to complete in under 7 hours or so.  It is the adventure of 4 broke space adventurers who learn about a treasure in a ruin located in an undeveloped planet.  There will be a deeper plot but not yet fully shown or featured in this...
  12. somenick

    How many people here use or know about Bitcoin?

    Hello! Just out of pure curiosity, how many of you here use or know about Bitcoin?   I got into it (a bit as a hobby) in early 2014.  How about DogeCoin? (an alt-coin that can be exchanged for bitcoin).  Just wondered if this subject is widely known within the RPG Maker community, nothing more.  :)
  13. somenick

    If I use side combat view, do I still need both sets of enemy batter sprites???

    In RPG Maker MV, if I use side combat view, do I still need both sets of enemy batter sprites    ( img/enemies and img/sv_enemies )   ???   Or is it safe to leave the img/enemies directory empty? Thanks for any insight. 
  14. somenick

    RPGMaker MV Mac OS

    Does RPG Maker MV work with Mac OS yet? Or do I need to use Steam version?  I tried getting it on Steam but only option it gives me is to "Buy", even though I already have an RPG Maker MV key (initially bought here for Windows over a year ago).
  15. somenick

    Is there a way to automatically skip the main menu?

    Is there a way to automatically skip the main menu?  Depending on certain types of games being developed, I may not want or need a "New Game" or "Continue" option, so... Is it possible to make a game jump automatically into the starting map right away, and simply skip the main menu?
  16. somenick

    Does YouTube prevent monetization of gameplay videos?

    Does YouTube prevent monetization of gameplay videos of games made with RPGMaker? YouTube often disables monetization on anything they think has copyright protection, so maybe the RTP or RPGMaker musics may trip this... Anyone has any experience on this?
  17. somenick

    RMMV Tileset Question

    Hi!  I have a question about RPG Maker MV tilesets.  I have noticed that if I place a tile from the B tab I can also place another tile above it from the C tab and it all stacks up (like I first put a window from tileset B then I cover it with a flag from tileset C).  Even B tiles seem to stack...
  18. somenick

    Is it safe to use larger map sizes like 200x200?

    Is it safe to use larger map sizes like 200x200 tiles in RPGMaker MV?  I read somewhere that max map size is 256x256.  For me thats fine.  But some people mentioned stability issues even with maps at 100x50 or wathever. But it was months ago, early year.  Did the 1.3.1 patch improve this?  I...
  19. somenick

    I have RMXP, RMVXAce and RMMV. Can I combine resources?

    Hi   I have RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX Ace, and RPG Maker MV.  I have bought all three software.  Can I use XP and Ace images in my RM MV games?  How about musics? (I have format converters etc).   If yes, can I comercially sell such a game made with RM MV?
  20. somenick

    Can I write an eBook about RPG Maker?


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