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  1. Sinweaver

    Mapping limitation

    Recently I received a request to create a map of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. Just as I started planning for the map, I come across a problem which I have not been able to come up with an answer for after much effort. As you (might) know, Diagon Alley is filled with stores on both sides of the...
  2. Sinweaver

    Sin's Parallax Mapping Workshop [CLOSED FOR UNKNOWN PERIOD]

    As part of my quest to make better maps, I am offering my service to the community to help people with their game maps for free. I do fantasy/medieval related maps. Anything sci-fi/futuristic is not for me. I personally don't like them. I am also very fussy when it comes to the...
  3. Sinweaver

    To stick with simple map or to not stick with simple map?

    I initially wanted to post this in the Game & Map screenshot thread, but I figure that it might go on for longer than a few post. If the mods want feel that this question does not deserve a thread of its own, I would like to apologize in advance and please feel free to merge this with the map...
  4. Sinweaver

    Chronicles of Avalon

    An excerpt from the book of Yvallis. “…We’ve seen smoke rising to the south. Fearing a goblin war party, we sent a large number of scouts to investigate. They returned with a report that is difficult to fathom. Somehow, a human ship was carried to our shores. They claim to have crashed onto...
  5. Sinweaver

    State Stacking

    The idea is to have a state that you can stack multiple times, with incremental bonus/penalty. Let's say that a fire mage has a skill called "Ignite" which places a "Burn" debuff on the enemy. This debuff can be stacked multiple times, so using Ignite twice will increase the stack count to 2...
  6. Sinweaver

    Ace monster sprite artist information

    Back when I started using Ace, I was pretty desperate for monster sprites and that was when I came across this sprite. Usually I made sure that the license and terms of use are clear, and then label the image with the artist's name before storing them in separate folder. But for this particular...
  7. Sinweaver

    Sin's Little bit of Everything

    Not focused on making something in particular, hence the title is what it is. I make whatever that I need whenever they are needed, and perhaps answer random request that caught my eyes and is within my capability. Nothing spectacular, but I figure there might be people who might find these...
  8. Sinweaver

    Map details

    Not sure where else to post this, so here we go... I never actually spent time designing map since the day I purchased ACE, so I am curious about how people think about this. The effect I am pursuing is similar to what Celianna's have for her preview for Ancient Dungeon base pack. What I...
  9. Sinweaver

    [ACE]Yanfly Party System + Vlue Pet and Summon help needed

    What I wanted to achieve? Maximum actor in a battle is set to 4 actors. Some classes (i.e. warlock, hunter, etc) has summoning skill. Warlock can summon demons, hunter can summon animal companion. The pet and summons are actually actors that have been set aside and only exist for summoning...
  10. Sinweaver

    [Tutorial] 姫Hime’s Core – Equip Slots

    Ever felt like the default equipment slots are too limited? Ever felt like you want to gear up your character to the teeth? Maybe your main character is a three-armed mutant and you want to equip him/her with 3 weapons? Or you are wanted to be able to equip a weapon on each and every equipment...
  11. Sinweaver

    [Tutorial] 姫Hime’s Page Condition Script

    Anyone who has played the Pokemon Crystal on GBA back then would probably remember that cave where we can find a Lapras every Friday. The question is, how can we create such event on RPGmaker easily without having to use (potentially complex) parallel processing, self switches, and/or some sort...
  12. Sinweaver

    [Tutorial] 姫Hime’s Choice Options

    Tired of creating what seems like a never-ending list of conditional branches whenever you want to hide an option that you do not want an NPC to show? Not only that things can get complicated quickly, you are increasing the risk of making mistakes that you may or may not realize. Well, now you...
  13. Sinweaver

    [Tutorial] 姫HIME’s End Phase Trigger Script

    Hello everyone, Some of you might have stumbled across one of my previous thread thread about how I am unable to update the kill count for a quest. Took me awhile but I finally managed to figure out that the troops event gets ignored once the last monster dies in a battle. I tried A LOT of...
  14. Sinweaver

    Kill X counter

    I am aware about the existence of multiple thread regarding this issue and about how the troops common event will be ignored when the last monster dies. There are a few scripts out there to deal with this issue, HBK's Simple Stupid - Common Event on Battle End(doesn't seem to be working for some...
  15. Sinweaver

    Collection quest

    I don't think I have seen a topic like this in the forum yet, so I am wondering if anyone can give me a pointer or two about how to get around my issue.. Lets say that I have a quest asking the player to collect 5 apples The player can only gather the apple when the quest is active The player...
  16. Sinweaver

    Battle Scene

    I just started with VX Ace less than a week ago, so I probably did not realize where I messed up to cause this problem The battle background is different from my setting in the database and I don't know why. I did not modify the existing script and I only added...

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