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  1. RMMZ Clone Actors

    It's handled by my plugin for the clones. The clone IDs will start from the number of actors you have in the database +1 and go up by 1 each time a new one is created. If there are any gaps made by deleting clones, new clones will fill the gaps. eg. Create Clones 1-3: Clone 1 (ID 21), Clone 2...
  2. RMMZ Clone Actors

    That's my bad, I added the plugin to the wrong folder in dropbox. The link in the main post should work now. :) From what I can see it looks like the Targets (Moving) section doesn't allow js input so addressing the actor via variable wouldn't work. Your solution should work so long as you have...
  3. RMMZ Clone Actors

    Plugin updated to version 0.03, allowing cloned actors to be deleted/removed. @cchmaster I think I understand what you're trying to achieve. I'm just not entirely sure how Action Sequences work. A picture of the event / plugin command might help me understand. :)
  4. RMMZ Clone Actors

    Hi cchmaster, thanks for trying the plugin. I haven't used many of VisuStella's plugins so I might need an example of what you're doing (a screenshot is probably easiest). If it's possible to use scripts when putting in the actor ID, you could save the cloned actor's ID to a variable through...
  5. RMMZ Clone Actors

    Clone Actors Version 0.03 Silva Introduction This is a simple plugin that allows actors to be cloned via plugin command. Features Create clones of actors from the information held in the database. Add these actors to the party immediately. Store the new actors ID to a game variable to use in...
  6. That's grim. Here's hoping it's just a simple issue. If it makes you feel any better I've had...

    That's grim. Here's hoping it's just a simple issue. If it makes you feel any better I've had 7TB worth of hard drive failures this month. :cutesmile:
  7. [YEP]Equip Core changing item rectangle height or spacing?

    I'm not sure what you've done, so I can't really say what you're missing. All you should have to do is change the itemHeight on Window_EquipSlot. Try adding this as a plugin to your game var _almightypebble_Window_EquipSlot_itemHeight = Window_EquipSlot.prototype.itemHeight...
  8. Refresh a variable value on window

    You've said you're using Window_Base, but in your other thread you're using Window_Selectable. Regardless, a simple refresh function might look something like this: Window_Custom.prototype.refresh = function() { this.contents.clear(); this.drawContents(); }; Replace "Window_Custom"...
  9. Checking item cost and other things

    I'm assuming you mean regular items as in the selection between regular item/hidden item/key item etc. If so you could use something like this: $gameParty.items().filter(function(item) {return item.itypeId === 1}).length > 0
  10. PIXI Glow Filter on Map Sprites

    1) I'd say Sprite_Character, as that is what represents the player. 2) There's no way to reverse access an actors sprite from their game object as far as I'm aware. What you could do is while you're adding the filter to the Sprite_Character class add a function for reading something from the...
  11. Adding tooltips

    As far as I'm aware html is only used to actually create the space within the game window that the game is drawn (GameCanvas, GameVideo, UpperCanvas and the ErrorPrinter), along with bringing in js and other things (css maybe, not sure). I'm not saying that your train of thought is wrong...
  12. DataManager loading a custom JSON file

    If you're just collecting information from notetags and you're set on using an IIFE why not just process the notetag information using your js plugin, rather than having to run Python separately?
  13. DataManager loading a custom JSON file

    If you look at the way the DataManager loads data files: DataManager.loadDataFile = function(name, src) { var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); var url = 'data/' + src;'GET', url); xhr.overrideMimeType('application/json'); xhr.onload = function() { if (xhr.status...
  14. Should we do a quarantine game jam?

    There's one running already. :P
  15. Now we just need to wait for the markets to recover and we can sell them for profit... Right?

    Now we just need to wait for the markets to recover and we can sell them for profit... Right?
  16. Rm Mv - Update functions in my plugin

    In theory you could. Though the inherited update method (provided you're using Sprite) isn't really doing anything unless it has children (just "forEach" on an empty array), so you'd probably only be saving 1/100th of a millisecond in processing time per update.
  17. Drawing a face on a Window

    Regarding your face not showing, I'm guessing it's because the bitmap isn't loaded when the scene tried to draw the window. If you look at Scene_Menu you'll see that during its creation process it reserves the face images it needs so they're there when it needs to draw them, Scene_Map doesn't do...
  18. Random number - range from varA to varB

    I'm not sure where you want to use it, but the last line in the below code will be a random number between varA and varB. var a = $gameVariables.value(idA); //replace idA with ID of varA var b = $gameVariables.value(idB); //replace idB with ID of varB a + Math.randomInt(b-a); Hopefully you can...
  19. Rm Mv - Update functions in my plugin

    Personally, I might be inclined to use the first option, primarily because it means I'm not repeating code and it doesn't offend my way of thinking. In terms of performance though you're going to be calling the inherited update method on each sprite the same amount of times and provided your...
  20. GameSystem objects not saving in save file

    This is normal behaviour in js when dealing with objects. When you do this._menuHelp.text = Eli.HelpWindows.Param.menuHelp.text; and then later use "this._menuHelp.text", you're actually using "Eli.HelpWindows.Param.menuHelp.text". It effectively treats it as a shortcut, rather than cloning...

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