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  1. Encumbrance System Needed

    Thank you! I'll look into these and get back to you.
  2. Encumbrance System Needed

    I basically need a system to calculate the weight of the player's stuff: items, armor, and weapons (include armor and weapons that are equipped, if possible). If the weight exceeds 100 lbs, the player slows down to a speed of 3 and can't dash. If the weight exceeds 200 lbs, the player slows down...
  3. Day/night cycle

    Good for you! Is there anything else that you need help with?
  4. Day/night cycle

    Sorry about the delayed response! Sure! I'd love to! Okay. Here's a way you could include those within the current system: 6) Creating Exceptions Select a variable to represent the exceptions for lighting and label it something like "lighting exceptions". Create a conditional "if lighting...
  5. Day/night cycle

    Lol we've all been there. It's fine! To do that, we're going to need to create another conditional, but quick question: do you want different lighting for things like caves/dungeons than the lighting for things like shops? That's definitely a way to do it. I usually just change variables where...
  6. :P

  7. RMMV Working concept-Virtual insect pet simulator

    I don't have anything constructive to add, but this sounds like a fun concept for a game! Definitely love the concept art for sure.
  8. Looking for a script for auto save and auto load

    I can't help with all of that, but I might be able to help with some. For changing how many profiles there are, there's a bit of code in the DataManager script that has def self.savefile_max return 16 end Change that 16 to 1 and there you go. For the autosave, it'll probably involve...
  9. Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    So, I read this and just went, "Yeah! Why not use maces and spears and things????" and then I thought about my own stories and it might have something to do with how majestic the weapons seem? Like, I can't speak for everyone, but I have a soft spot for rapiers and katanas and whenever I think...
  10. Day/night cycle

    I can help you with that, but are you sure you want time to actually stop whenever you enter a building? It'd be just as possible to allow time to pass without necessarily seeing the change from indoors.
  11. Day/night cycle

    Alright, so, to do the screen tint: 4) Applying the tints (Repeat for every phase of the day) Create a conditional outside any of the others "If day phase = (different for every phase of the day)". Inside that conditional, put a "Tint Screen -> Adjust the tint to match the time of day you want...
  12. How Do You Call a Script

    On an event. It's fine; calling it in the move route doesn't appear to crash anything.
  13. Day/night cycle

    I can help with that too, but I'm guessing that you probably don't want the weather to be tied to the time. Do you have specific tints in mind or can I just use filler tints for you to adjust later? Edit: I forgot a super important component of Step 3! You also need to add "Control Variables...
  14. How Do You Call a Script

    ......... oh. Thank you!
  15. How Do You Call a Script

    I'm fairly new to Ruby scripting and have run into a bit of a hiccup. How do you make an event call poke_it? I'm specifically trying to call it from within a movement route.
  16. Day/night cycle

    Okay, so, if my calculations are correct... 5 minutes -> 300 seconds -> 18000 frames Since each phase lasts the same amount of time, you can consolidate (yay!!!)! 3) Tracking the day phase (Possibly optional, depending on what you want the time of day to actually do) Set up a conditional "if...
  17. *Sniffffffff* AH PROCRASTINATION...

  18. Day/night cycle

    My system's probably far from flawless, but here's a step-by-step: 1) Create a Common Event For organizational purposes, name it something simple, like "Time keeping". More importantly, you're going to want to set the trigger to "Parallel Process". Set the Conditional Switch to a switch like...
  19. Day/night cycle

    If you REALLY need me to personally take a look, upload it to something like dropbox and DM me the link. But I'm like 99% sure this can be solved by following a step-by-step, which I can provide if you need me to.
  20. Day/night cycle

    Sorry, are you saying that you don't want to use a common event, or are you saying that you need a visual? Edit: I mean, if you want me to provide a direct example of how it would work in context of your game specifically, all I need to know are a variable that you haven't used for something...

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