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  1. TheChatotMaestro

    Direction Lock On A1 Red Carpet

    I hadn't tried that because I thought the event would trigger as soon as you moved onto that tile, and you'd get stuck when the event swapped layers. There's also the problem that there's already going to be events you step on that do different things. Activating them is optional, it's possible...
  2. TheChatotMaestro

    Direction Lock On A1 Red Carpet

    I want to make a section where the player only moves in one direction down a hall, and cannot move backwards. I've locked their direction, and prevented up and down motion by preventing motion on the tile used for the floor above and below the path the player should move. I was going to use...
  3. TheChatotMaestro

    Reset Character Position Upon Loading Game? (MV) Someone taught me how to do this in VX Ace with a script a long time ago. How is it done in MV?
  4. TheChatotMaestro

    Long Game, Tiny Map - Can I Do Better?

    Oh, that's amazing! Thank you! Holy links, batman! But in all seriousness, that's super cool, thank you so much lol
  5. TheChatotMaestro

    Long Game, Tiny Map - Can I Do Better?

    There's a branching story path I was a little conflicted on how to implement- using different maps might just be the solution to that. I don't think I'm going to be changing anything on the map anytime soon, so I don't think that will be too much of a problem. It's a pretty simple setting. (In...
  6. TheChatotMaestro


  7. TheChatotMaestro

    Long Game, Tiny Map - Can I Do Better?

    The project I'm working on right now takes place entirely within one very small building. However, it's very long- taking place over the course of several weeks, with multiple scenes per day. Each of these scenes involves most if not all of the main cast of eight NPCs (plus some of the side...
  8. TheChatotMaestro

    VX Ace Tileset Converted to MV

    These are absolutely fantastic! Are you going to do Inside_C?
  9. TheChatotMaestro

    RGSS Decrypt Own Project

    I'm getting the 'could not read enemy data' error, and I'm pretty sure the file is corrupted or something. The way I want to fix this is by getting a file from an old exported build... unfortunately, it's encrypted. Any way to get it out of the archive, or is it stuck for good? (I feel like I'm...
  10. TheChatotMaestro

    Instance Items

    I know, but that turns it on for all armor. If you want to, say, only have accessories as instances, you still have body armors and shields as instances as well.
  11. TheChatotMaestro

    Instance Items

    I think the person above me asked something similar, but is there any way to turn this on for accessories only, and not body armors or shields? It's perfect otherwise.
  12. TheChatotMaestro

    Equipment Level Base

    Is there a script call that I can use to reference the level of an armor? You'll only ever get one of them through the whole game, and there's a point where you need a certain level of the armor in order to get something else.
  13. TheChatotMaestro

    Enemy Drops Multiple Of X

    The only Tsukihime thing like that I could find was for MV. Found something on the list though! Thanks
  14. TheChatotMaestro

    Enemy Drops Multiple Of X

    The base interface lets you set enemies to drop 1 item at a certain chance, and all the scripts I can find only let you up the limit from 3 different items to more than 3. Can anyone point me in the direction of a script that lets you set a drop of more than 1 thing? Say, 5 potions or 10 tokens...
  15. TheChatotMaestro

    Permanent Equip

    I'm an idiot, just made the event give you the accessory before it got equipped.
  16. TheChatotMaestro

    Permanent Equip

    I WAS UNAWARE OF THIS okay new problem: this
  17. TheChatotMaestro

    Permanent Equip

    From what I can see, making the accessory have the 'fix equip' or 'seal equip' function doesn't work... I'm planning on equipping these through events, and when I trigger the test event (that's literally just one line, so no problems with the event), it doesn't get equipped.
  18. TheChatotMaestro

    Permanent Equip

    I can't find it. Is it in the features section?
  19. TheChatotMaestro

    Permanent Equip

    Any way to make an item that you equip and then can never unequip? Gotta be in the 'accessory' slot and still be able to equip armors and stuff.
  20. TheChatotMaestro

    Remove Whole Party Regardless Of Member

    Taking them away with the 'change party member' command is incredibly inefficient, because I want to remove all of them regardless of which members you have, and there are dozens of characters you can have in your party at any given time. Is there any way to just totally wipe your party before...

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