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  1. stoovan

    Steam cloud issue

    So for those who use the steam version of rpg maker (vx ace is the one I use if anyone else is having the same issue), I keep getting a message every time I try to play test a game of mine that says that the steam cloud save is different and if I should overwrite it. Either way, yes or no...
  2. stoovan

    Evening class, damage and other stat related stuff

    So I wan't to start the player off weak. Able to fight enemies that are somewhat the same level. But for some reason, I see an uneven like system where the player is able to give one hit kills to certain enemies with no weapons. I'm new to the whole class stat thing. So, is there a way to fix it...
  3. stoovan

    Font change?

    So I'm working on a game and I wanna change the games font to a pixel font. Anyone know how?
  4. stoovan

    Skip event? (cutscene skip thing)

    So I made a cutscene at the start of my game before the title starts. Is there a script or command that would allow the player to skip this and get on to the title instantly?
  5. stoovan

    Help with plot developing

    I wanna work on a game. But I don't know what the plot should be about. I wanna make something that isn't based around the typical rpg maker cliches (Such as an anime artstyle or a story where a all loving good guy defeats a all hating bad guy who wants to destroy the world). And if you think...
  6. stoovan

    Roguelike script?

    Is there a script that turns the typical rpg maker format into a typical dungeon crawling roguelike? I know it's possible since there's videos about it online. examples: If anyone can find me one, I would appreciate it (allot).
  7. stoovan

    3D script?

    Is there a script that can behave the same way as Phantasy star 1? Reference: I know this can sorta be made with basic scripts, but that would be lead to allot issues and a million of images having to be made.
  8. stoovan

    Slender like static effect?

    I'm been trying to find an effect that is similar to slender's static effect. Aka, a script that causes an image to fade in the closer you are to an event. The closer you are, the more the image fades in. Is there a script online about this? I would appreciate it if someone know a script for...
  9. stoovan

    RMVXA Box Head Boy: 1. Humble Beginnings

    Hello, Hola and whatever. This is the start to a series of post I am making for any updates on my game "Box Head Boy". (note: a lot of stuff is unfinished. I'm still trying to get some help or whatever on the games development.) Box Head Boy is set in a world where its denizens that consist of...
  10. stoovan

    RMVXA Box Head Boy - a game about square headed people.

    Box Head Boy puts you in the shoes of Bob. A threat from space is slowly making its voyage to the planet Bob and the rest of his existing race lives. Your objective is simple, stop it. But what happens after that. Does it end? That's for you to decide. As you go around in the universe of Box...
  11. stoovan

    Music Request

    I am really bad at making music. So if anyone is able to make some music for my upcoming game, that will be great I'm looking for something that sounds similar to mother2. That would mean alot to me (You will be credited)
  12. stoovan


    Hi. I got RPG maker to have a chance at making games. I either work alone or with a group of friends depending on if the games long or short. I'm inspired by other games including famous RPG maker games and devs (examples being Mason Lindroth) I wana see if I could have a shot of working on...
  13. stoovan

    Change window to be non transparent?

    I have this issue with my game where a square on my text box comes up transparent and bright. I wanted to make it pitch black ad non transparent. Anyone know how to fix this?

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