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  1. Ms Littlefish

    Meg's Hot Mess WIP Journal (a collection of stuff that hopefully gets finished)

    I have a very chaotic creative process. I figure I'm just gonna get over myself and share what I describe as my hot messes and bring any interested parties along the journey of cleaning it all up. I'm even hoping this can even help me find the missing link. Everything is subject to change. I...
  2. Ms Littlefish

    The “How was Work?” Thread

    Alright. Guys. Use common sense. Keep it PG-13. Regard any and all laws or contracts associated with your profession. Keep it respectful.This thread is for those days that come with both of work’s best and worst moments. Epic work stories from the past are also welcome. I work as a laboratory...
  3. Ms Littlefish

    Announcement A Reminder About Making Paid Agreements

    Hello, RMW family! I want to send everyone a little reminder that Project Recruitments and Resource Workshops are for free work only. The Classifieds section is, and will remain, the only reliable way to accept and offer paid works on this platform. Classifieds are invisible for new members...
  4. Ms Littlefish

    Let's Learn Trivia Together!

    Do you guys like learning fun facts? I like fun facts. The discussion started in another thread. But, pretty much I'm sure all of us get questions in our head that turn into a long string of Google searches. And usually we ask even more questions based on our previous search, and search even...
  5. Ms Littlefish

    Noise Removal from MV Audio Base Resources

    Hey there, guys! I don't know who else has noticed, but when listening through much of the MV audio through headphones there is an ever present hissing noise. This is especially noticeable in soft songs and non looping sounds such as MEs and SEs. Anyway, no need to babble. It's rather easy to...
  6. Ms Littlefish

    RMW Health and Fitness Club

    Hello, RMW! As game makers, I’m sure a lot of us can relate to sometimes sitting in our chairs a little too much and maybe eating a few too many snacks as we RM.  Don’t giggle at it but I honestly think improving our habits will improve our games. I had the idea to make this thread as a place...
  7. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Fishbowl of Free Music

    Hello, all of you wonderful game makers! I am Ms Littlefish. You can call me Meg. As one might be able to tell, I make music. I hope you all enjoy and find some of my creations useful to your game projects! Terms for Music Credit: Ms Littlefish and/or Megan Murphy Non-Commercial: Yes...
  8. Ms Littlefish

    My recommendations for free music making resources

    I often see requests for cheap/free recommendations for music making applications, tools, and resources. Since I once used a mostly free lineup I thought I would point out some of my top picks. Who is this information good for? Primarily, people who are either beginning to compose music...
  9. Ms Littlefish

    What are your favorite smells?

    What are your favorite smells? And do you have any memories attached to them? I'm sure we can all relate to a certain smell bringing vivid imagery back to mind and I'm always fascinated by it. I work in a grocery store and the best part is the bakery will start baking bread and the smell fills...
  10. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish Does Things

    Hey, guys. I like to do things. Lots of things. Way too many things. Some things I do better than other things. But, I do a lot of things! Note: This space is currently undergoing construction. I'm going to prettify and organize it so that I may actually use it!
  11. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Faceset Edits and Faceset Tutorials

    I thought in the aftermath of the "Super Awesome Face" contest that I would show how I use the generator parts to great potential. Part 1: Setting up the face parts for a neutral face If you want to follow along here is some useful information. Directory:  C: >Program Files...
  12. Ms Littlefish

    Hero for a Day (Download Available)

    Hero for a Day Oh, Lord. It's an hour long game. Why be a drag? Game Description Craig remembers absolutely nothing about last night and cannot explain how he wound up inside the video game “Heroes of Breslin.” After being given the honorable “Hero for a Day,” quest he and his new companion...
  13. Ms Littlefish

    Call all Foodies and Lovers of Food!

    @ Iron Croc gave me the idea to start a foodie thread. I love food. Everyone loves food, right? Food is fuel but it's also fun. Tell us about your favorite foods, new recipes, what you ate for lunch, whatever. Pictures are very welcome. I'll start!  I recently made an angel food cake (so many...
  14. Ms Littlefish

    Hello, let's make this trendy!

    My name is Ms Littlefish. Not to be confused with Mrs. Littlefish, of course. Alas, I am an unwed goldfish. I have a single-room plastic castle in a modest sized bowl where I tend to my suspiciously stiff aquatic greenery. I am 24 years old and have a strong affinity for hot and caffeinated...

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