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  1. Ravenith

    Moghunter's Pick Up & Throw - Minor Edit Request

    Heya. I'm trying to use this plugin ( and stumbled upon an issue with autotiles and the way MV handles their passability. Long story short, I would like to have a Region in which the player cannot throw events. I'd like some help to add...
  2. Ravenith

    RMMV Dark Souls - Inspired RPG & Octopath Battle System

    Hello there. I've been working on an MV game that aims to incorporate many of the peculiar game and narrative design choices and techniques seen in the Souls series and Bloodborne. Everything's been going great, except - obviously - for the combat part. I was building a battle system centered...
  3. Ravenith

    Lufiastyle Event Mover Help - Skip Turns?

    Hello there. I'm in need of assistance with a plugin (whose creator seems to be MIA since 2016 :/ ). It's this one: What I'm looking for is a script call or plugin command to make events move a step without the...
  4. Ravenith

    A Game's Protagonist: A Vague Blank Slate, Or A Strongly Pre-Formed Character?

    Hello everyone. I seem to be in quite a pickle, so I figured I'd ask y'all what you think. I'm in the process of writing a the story for an RPG I'm making, and I can't quite make up my mind about what type of protagonist people enjoy the most (at least in an RPG Maker game!). So, without...
  5. Ravenith

    [Resolved] Yanfly State React Effect Question - What Am I Doing Wrong This Time?

    Hello people. I'm trying to make a game mechanic where: >Battlers with 0 MP are afflicted with State A >Battlers that receive damage while afflicted with State A are in turn afflicted with State B. I decided to make State A into a passive using Yanfly's Buff & State Core & AutoPassiveStates...
  6. Ravenith

    Custom Stat Evaluation Formulae (Yanfly Plugins)

    Hello all.  I'd like your help concerning custom stat formulae. I know this is a fairly easy thing to do with YF's plugins, yet I can't seem to be able to find out exactly how. I'm looking for a way to calculate battler base stats via equations. Let me give you an example: Max Health =...
  7. Ravenith

    Enemy Action Rating - help please!

    Hello, I could use some help with the actual math involved in Enemy Action Ratings. So, "Of all actions meeting the conditions, the one with the highest rating will be the standard, and the one within 2 rating points of the standard will be used. Actions 1 rating point away will be used 2/3 of...
  8. Ravenith

    Post-Cyberpunk Project needs Artist / Illustrator

    Hello. I represent a two-man development team in need of an artist. We are working on a story-heavy, episodic post-cyberpunk RPG. We are looking for a talented artist to provide busts and facesets for the game's cast. The project is still in a very early stage of development, so subjects like...
  9. Ravenith

    Multiple Terrain Tags on a single tile.

    Hey. :) I'm looking for a way to assign multiple terrain tags on the same tile. Nothing fancy, just a script that says " Tile (12,4) on Map(1) is also Tag(3)" - of course in addition to any terrain tag assigned normally via the editor. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance...
  10. Ravenith

    Horadric Cube - like crafting system

    Hello. I've been looking for a crafting script that works like the Horadric Cube in Diablo 2. Simply put, the player chooses what items to put into the "cube" and presses a "combine" button. If there's a recipe that involves these exact items, it is executed and the items are combined into the...
  11. Ravenith

    Fun Combat With Few Battlers ?

    Hey. I enjoy theorycrafting and designing attribute, skill and character progression systems. Lately I've been trying to develop an open-ended system akin to the skill-based progression seen on the Elder Scrolls games. My target is to have a universal system that can emulate any "class" by...
  12. Ravenith

    Event "Swap" / "Transform" / "Replace"

    Hey :) I'm positive I've seen a script that does what I'm looking for before, but I can't find it no matter how much I search. Let me explain what I'm talking about: I need to replace an event on the map with another, pre-existing one from another map. Example: There's Event A on Map A. At...
  13. Ravenith

    Feedback Needed - Card Based Skill System

    Hey, fellow makers. I'm designing an event-driven character customization system based on slots. I have two versions in mind, I'd like some feedback on each, if possible. Version 1 - More RPG - Like Version 2 - More CCG - Like Despite the similarities, these two systems are tactically vastly...
  14. Ravenith

    Changing a skill user's MP

    Hey, I'd like a quick heads up on this. I'd like to create skills that - in addition to their normal effects and targets - restore the use's MP. For example, I'd like to have the default "Attack" skill also restore 20 MP to the user. Thanks in advance! :)
  15. Ravenith

    Restrict all player movement - preferrably with a switch.

    Just what the topic title says - I'd very much like a snippet to make the player unable to move when a certain switch is turned to ON. Thank you very much in advance! :)

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