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  1. sleepy_sealion

    RMMZ Using setTimeOut not picking up variables?

    I'm trying to use setTimeOut to do a countdown to change an actors face after a short period. It seems to work if I put in stuff that isn't a variable, for instance if the actor id is 1 - it will work for 1, when I try to make an actor name as a variable I'm greeted with this. This is the bit...
  2. sleepy_sealion

    RMMZ Working on a "Battle Pop up" system - and hoping for some feedback.

    Hi, so I hope this is the right place to talk and post about this - I'm really not sure if it's here or the Plugin's in development. (if you think it's better off there please move it and sorry in advance.) I'm working on a system - it uses the show picture command to have an image of the...
  3. sleepy_sealion

    Sprite Effects No Longer Working for Actors. Need help.

    Hello, my stomach is literally sick from trying to fix it and not being able to step back. But I was recreating a script that I had because I felt it got too complicated. And one of the things on that script, was giving the players sprites "sprite effects" looted from the enemy sprite scripts...
  4. sleepy_sealion

    Can you use Alias's in Javascript?

    Hello, I'm kind of new to Javascript - and in the process of trying to recreate some scripts I made for Ace from MV. I was curious if you could use "Alias" like you can in Ruby script to sort of add code to a function without overwriting it?
  5. sleepy_sealion

    How do you "pick up the pieces" when getting burnt out on making a game?

    Hi - been awhile since I posted here, but I've been trying to get back into making a game (Using Ace). And It's just been kind of hard getting back into routine. I had talked to my friends about putting aside an hour each day to work on the games art/story/gameplay - and maybe dropping some...
  6. sleepy_sealion

    Aliasing Use_Item causing delay?

    Hello, I'm trying to simplify some scripts and make them more compatible. I have this script for playing sprite effects, and just cast animations - but the only way I get it to work as I want it too, is by overwriting the Use_Item call. If I try to have the animations called/played through an...
  7. sleepy_sealion

    Need help getting a custom warp tile working properly?

    Hi, been toying around with using event names to have events - and one thing I've been using that to develop is a Game_Event script where the player touching an Event called WarpA - would warp the player to point WarpB, and vice-versa. I'm having trouble though with getting the player to warp...
  8. sleepy_sealion

    How to stop overthinking and stop spooking yourself?

    Hi - I wanted to try to make a few games before I commit to a super long term project, but I'm having a lot of trouble with overthinking things. Basically I'm having this issue of using an idea or gimmick, or even character, and then never being allowed to re-use them again. So I do have a few...
  9. sleepy_sealion

    Script Naming and Back Up procedures?

    Hello - so a while back I had to end up redoing a bunch of scripts after an error, due to poor naming, and ordering. It actually wasn't a bad thing because I managed to rebuild them faster and much more effective than last time. But to save myself further heartache - I did want to learn what...
  10. sleepy_sealion

    How to build character bases and use them?

    Hey - I'm struggling kind of hard with creating the tiny overworld sprites while keeping them consistent. So I was looking at the resource manager and how it can just has a base and draws the clothes over it. I was wondering how I would start doing that for myself? Like starting from scratch...
  11. sleepy_sealion

    How do you guys feel about re-using tiles for games?

    Been taking some time to work on tiling - and part of me was thinking of going back to a game I uploaded months ago and use the new tiles instead of the default ones (due to styles mismatching between over world chars and the default tile set) - but at the same time I would like to try some...
  12. sleepy_sealion

    Do you guys prefer writing one huge script or multiple smaller ones?

    So lately, I've been working on this "battle system" and it was going pretty well. Though lately I've been getting into a habit of trying to take certain parts of the script - and editing them so they're all independent of each other. So now I can kind of mix and match them safety if I need...
  13. sleepy_sealion

    RMVXA Dog Quest

    Dog Quest! A game about dogs. A short 20 minute game, made for the one map challenge. And also my first game on the site! Synopsis: You are a dog, and one day, you find yourself mysteriously lost in a strange woods, with no idea how you even got here. What you do know however, is that there...
  14. sleepy_sealion

    What do you guys do to finish up and get ready for a game release?

    Hey! I'm about ready to release my first game here - and I wanted to know if anyone had any pointers about how you go about releasing the game, on the site here. Pretty much I just want to know about the "finishing up" process of the game cycle and what you guys think absolutely needs to be...
  15. sleepy_sealion

    Need help creating a Class Variable - Endless loop results

    Hi - I'm doing some tests, at trying to use Scene_Base to have it's own "event" when a game starts, I'm doing that using an aliased update method. But the results seem to loop constantly. class Scene_Base attr_accessor :doOncetest @@doOncetest = 0 alias do_Once_alias update def...
  16. sleepy_sealion

    Any tips on how to make Attack Effects look nicer?

    Hi - I'm trying to make attack effects for my game, but I'm having some trouble getting them to look nice? I don't really have much trouble getting them to look nice as a gif - but as far as I know, there's no way to convert a gif to an attack animation - so if anyone has some pointers or good...
  17. sleepy_sealion

    Getting icons to display next to actor/battler names?

    Hi - I was trying to get icons to appear after a characters name, just by putting "\i[x]" at the end of the name, but it doesn't seem to work at all for status menu's only battle logs. So I was wondering if anyone had, or knew how to edit the scripts so that either icons can appear next to a...
  18. sleepy_sealion

    How do you guys plan a work schedule around working on your games?

    Hi again, I was kind of wondering how you guys go about living your lives, working on other projects and hobbies, while still making time for your game? Making at least one game - is something of a bucket list item for me, but I've constantly been getting busy with real life, and that I'm...
  19. sleepy_sealion

    Time's you were so fixed on an idea/style/concept that it kept holding you back

    Hi - I'm a really noobily trying to make a game person/guy who draws things, and I felt like something that might be a fun idea to discuss is times you had this one idea in mind, that wasn't working - like at all, but you still felt super hell bent on having it work that it was bogging...
  20. sleepy_sealion

    [ACE] Victor's Passive State's not working on enemy skills?

    Hi - I'm using Victor's passive states, and I've been having some trouble involving enemies. One of the functions of the script is that you can have a skill give a character state(s) when a certain condition is met defined by a note tag on the skill, and I found it as a nice way to handle...

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