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  1. ItzTerry

    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    Graphics look great!
  2. ItzTerry

    What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    Pokemon TCG is still by far the most iconic.
  3. ItzTerry

    Say "Hello" in your language

    G'day, how ya goin'?
  4. ItzTerry

    Questions about charcaters creation

    There's a plugin. Check out
  5. ItzTerry

    FREE John Yentes - Original Compositions

    Hey, that's some good stuff! What software do you like to use?
  6. ItzTerry

    Noob Question: Enemy do Nothing

    This is one of those questions that you'll really overthink and answer incorrectly. Uh, just make them not have any moves/states etc.
  7. ItzTerry

    RMVXA Atis's Gaze - Film/Motion Novel

    How does this have less likes than it should? This is amazing!
  8. ItzTerry


    You have been... saluted
  9. ItzTerry

    How to make episodic game with RPG Maker MV

    The simplest way would be to just upload every episode as a game itself, under the label of which episode it is.
  10. ItzTerry

    If you witness me trying to break up a physical fight

    I would probably break up the fight. In all honesty, everyone should. Unless if that person really annoys you, then you know you have to get involved but make it look like you're trying to break it up.
  11. ItzTerry

    How To: Credit?

    In all honesty, crediting is not a choice. Most will require credit, but as a human being, you should already know that it's best to acknowledge the work of others if you're using it as your own.
  12. ItzTerry

    My character won't move?

    Yeah. You can't walk until an autorun event has been erased.
  13. ItzTerry

    RMMV: Large Willow Tree

    Maybe make it more clear that this is a request, even if it's in the request forum. I'd say you'd need to give us more details on what else you want it to look like.
  14. ItzTerry

    Bought my first Fan Art. Anything people can tell me?

    Wait, can you still call fan art 'fan art' if you buy it at the mall...?
  15. ItzTerry

    RM2k/3 Chronicles of Tsufanubra

    Ugh, I love that font...!
  16. ItzTerry

    RMMV Menu Plugin

    In all honesty, you can almost make a text game on anything, even html. Just learn some scripting, it's not hard.
  17. ItzTerry

    Sprite Sheet Glitching?

    You made the sprite wrong. It's quite simple, really. If the character is too tall, you should increase the size of the sprite as a whole.
  18. ItzTerry

    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    I love the art style, it gives a fair spotlight of originality.
  19. ItzTerry

    Starting Development: What to Focus on First

    Don't forget to quite your job and set your status to 'antisocial' Aha, I'm just joking around. You just need to find every small crack of time in your schedule to work on your project.
  20. ItzTerry

    Changed the font... Stuck on "Now Loading..."

    Delete the speech marks in the brackets. It will then look like src: url(prondaseven.ttf);

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