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  1. AstraliaAkuma

    Dynamic Title

    Ok I'm prolly the only one who still doesn't understand how to activate it. Can anyone lend me a hand here?
  2. AstraliaAkuma

    Can an event follow the player like a follower?

    First of all sorry for my horrible english and sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I'm a total newbie with the program itself,but I wanted to know if there was a way to make an event follow the player right after a dialogue. I tried to use Hime's script Event Followers...
  3. AstraliaAkuma

    Event Followers

    Sorry for the trouble but I'm new to these stuff. How can I make an event follow the player right after a dialogue?
  4. AstraliaAkuma


    Thank you 0w0
  5. AstraliaAkuma


    Sorry I'm pretty new with this and I suck at programming n stuff,but I wanted to ask somethin: when I play a video if fullscreen, it stays in a corner (sorry for my terrible english,it's not my native language lol. Maybe the screenshot will be able to say what I cannot) Sorry again for the...
  6. AstraliaAkuma

    XS - Menu Delux

    Thanks a ton!
  7. AstraliaAkuma

    XS - Menu Delux

    where can I find the images used as examples for the script,since the link is dead (sorry for my bad english)

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