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  1. Askann

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff

    Askann's MZ Random Stuff Hi there game makers, I'm posting some of my random edits, I don't even know why. I have made some edits on KADOKAWA sprites, so if you plan to use them, be sure to have they license buying the RPG Maker MZ and using only in RPG Maker games. You don't need to credit...
  2. Askann

    I want to push the message window a little bit higher.

    Here is my problem: I don't want the message window to touch the border of the window, I want a little bit higher, I am using YEP.MessageCore and the extensions but I can't find the line that determines the "y" of the message window to put a "-50" in there. Someone knows where I can find it?
  3. Askann

    Laggy Audio

    Got a problem, sometimes and everytime that I use F5 the game starts with the BGM with a strange lag, all other things works well, no lag at the graphics but the audio become laggy and weird. Note: It only appears to happen when I using headphones

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