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  1. musicalgenocide

    Using script calls with Yanfly's Event Copier

    Hello, Trying to figure out if it's possible through a simple script call to select one of five template events through RNG. I have a chest event that has random items in it. When the player enters the map, I would like to generate a random number to a variable (1-10) and then use that...
  2. musicalgenocide

    Randomly Generated Dungeons (Mostly) Through Events

    Hello everyone, First of all, thank you in advance to anyone that reads all the way through this - I realize it's a lot. Basically, I am hoping that some of the community is able to share some insight around the logic of what I am trying to do; possibly showing me an easier way or confirming...
  3. musicalgenocide

    Help with Common Event

    I am trying to make a common event that is called when the player is trying to open a locked door. The idea is for the event that is locked to store the variables of the map ID and the event ID, then call the common event "Open Lock." Control Variables: [0041:lock - map id] = Map IDControl...
  4. musicalgenocide

    Stack level too deep error when calling common event from battle

    The title is the gist of it, I'm trying to make (what I thought would be) a relatively simple event that causes a random skill to be chosen and used when a certain skill is used. The idea is that there is a "microphone" weapon which contains the skill "Melody." When the player uses "Melody" it...
  5. musicalgenocide

    Player can't move after conditional branch resolves

    This seems conceptually pretty simple, but for some reason it's just not working for me. The idea is that the player would be walking around on a skill tree that's actually just a map with events. The map contains several small islands, and each island would have a few different paths leading in...

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