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  1. kentaromiura

    menu background filter

    Have you ever notice how the default menu background has a very faint, almost annoying around the text, blur? Would you prefer having a proper 'frosted glass' effect blur? What if my game is takes places in the past? Or what if I want to give a 8bit atmosphere? Well, I guess you've...
  2. kentaromiura

    [Tool] Texture resizer

    I made a little tool to resize any texture by a 1.5x ratio the tool uses the xbrz algorithm (, which should provide a better result than a standard bicubic resizer Unfortunately it's not possible to resize by 1.5 so I had to resize by 3 then scale...
  3. kentaromiura

    Exit game plugin

    There are probably other plugin for this, but since I could not find any using the search here I wrote mine, feel free to use it: This plugin will add a Quit menu (the text is...
  4. kentaromiura

    Use stacktrace to get the plugin file name

    === EDIT ===  After better looking at the problem, I found an easier, less hacky crossbrowser solution, by using function getFileName(){ var srcParts = document.currentScript.src.split('/') return...
  5. kentaromiura

    EnemyStats plugin

    EDIT: the updated link for the plugin is here:   Original Post: While testing MV I notice there was nowhere the information of how many HP enemies haves left, I decided adding it...
  6. kentaromiura

    OSX Trial?

    Hi! I'm looking into testing MV before buying it, on twitter I mentioned that there was some problems with the Italian translation, I would like now to get more technical and test the JS plugin system, long story short I have my dev tools on my mac as the windows pc is not mine :) I'd like...
  7. kentaromiura


    Hello everyone, my name is Cristian, I'm a developer (mostly JS dev nowadays) interested in games and sometime making games  :D

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