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  1. Jeb

    IMPORTANT! People that have been using Kaus's "Asteria Tileset" DO NOT USE IT!!

    Thank you. I was actually considering subscribing.
  2. Jeb

    Awaken [DEMO v52416 released

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to trying it out. I'm also going to look into Kaus' tilesets too. Thanks for posting the demo and screenshots.
  3. Jeb


    I don't know how I missed that yesterday. I even looked right at Display Name, but must have been oblivious to Signature in the list. I went back and forth between Profile and Account like 3 times yesterday. Anyhow, thank you.
  4. Jeb


    I can't figure out how to edit my signature, though I assume that's because I'm not a full member yet, since the only place I've posted is in the Introductions section, where my post count doesn't matter. Anyways, the extra "d" is part of the meaning of the word. Check...
  5. Jeb


    My name is Jeb. Well, it's actually Jonathan Elijah Boyd, but Jeb is good enough. I've wanted to make a game for a long time, but I've always lacked the programming and artistic skills to do so. Even today I'm gimped in these areas. One thing I do have, however, is a writer's touch for many...

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