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  1. Νύξ

    Floating sword sprite.

    All I need is a 3 by 4 xv sprite of a floating sword.This sword to be exact: And credit to....let see its enterbrain right? I need one sprite of it floating tip up and one of it tip down.I'd like it bobing up and down so it shows that its floating.I need it in,forwards,backwards,up,and down...
  2. Νύξ

    favorit stephen king books

    Yea like that story were roland meets those witches in the mutant village.I get it.Love the pic phenix. ^_^~<3 Run Georgie run!!!!!DO NOT FLOAT!!!!! :O
  3. Νύξ

    Realistic Rain

    Just one question.I notice you have a setup for fog but no picture to set it in.Were is the picture for fog? Never mind i see now.The videos looked like fog when still.Do you happen to have something for fog only by any chance?
  4. Νύξ

    wind blown itme and tumbling itmes sprites

    Someone please just close this topic and I'll start over with a new one.Its not worth it.
  5. Νύξ

    I need alot of difrent bug sprites.

  6. Νύξ


    Removed to be sent to a better place.All requests are closed here. Hope everyone who got there requests saved them.
  7. Νύξ

    Battle animations of weapons and so on.

  8. Νύξ

    The official Zombie Apocalypse thread

    i remember watching a movie i think it was called pandora or something like see this guy who survives but is insane and tries carving up the,i guss you could call them,heros...he dosent but he was going to,the minut he gets helpfull another crazy guy sticks him in the eye.or like stross...

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