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  1. andry5ury4

    I wish I could send WannaCry to my stolen Laptop =3= I want they know how do I feel when my...

    I wish I could send WannaCry to my stolen Laptop =3= I want they know how do I feel when my data's gone
  2. andry5ury4

    [ASK] Anybody know this video? I found this when looking for battle system in japanese anybody know its owner? can somebody lead me to his/her site? or even a script/toturial that similar with this video?
  3. andry5ury4

    New but not Newbie

    New but not Newbie
  4. andry5ury4

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hello, I'm going to report some "Help" fix YEP_X_ItemUpgradeSlots.js it didn't use <Type: string> it use <Item Type: string> instead and please create new section for Item's notetag YEP_SmartJump.js please add "SmartJump x" x for how much tiles it'll jump I know it already mention in...

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I just came up with a very original RPG Idea. This is so well written that it might be the first RPG I actually finish making. (I’ve stopped all my projects halfway through development. I don’t think this one will be the same.)
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