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  1. Zortik

    Signature banner for completed game

    Hi, I was hoping someone would be kind enough to design a small signature banner to use for my game struggle  Snippet from the topic page. "This title attempts to portray depression literally. It's not intended to be a fun game but focuses instead on highlighting the challenges of...
  2. Zortik


    Disclaimer: Struggle is a game that attempts to provide an experience and will not play like a traditional video game. While playing this game you will be prompted with choices periodically and will then watch scenes unfold based on the choices that you make. There is no beating this...
  3. Zortik

    Support with using Mog Hunter RMV - Battle HUD

    Hi, I'm hoping that someone with a good bit more experience / capability can lend a hand with two items related to this script. I'd like someone to explain to me how to effectively use the Parameter fields within the plugin. I will elaborate on what I am trying to accomplish. What are the...
  4. Zortik

    Requesting animated dolls sprites

    Wondering if anyone would be kind enough to make a wooden doll sprite. No need for a faceset or battler. Just the 3x4 spritesheet. Googling around, a wooden marionette seemed to be what I was looking for. No strings though, please.
  5. Zortik

    The Second Act

      Lead Developer: Zortik Producer: RPGrindStudio OS released for: Windows Special Thanks: [List pending] [Link to download] – Version 0.0 (No demo ready for release yet) Tristan and company have ventured across the world saving small hamlets and cities alike. They were on a...
  6. Zortik

    Length of time for skill animations

    Battle animations are great, right? What do you feel is the sweet spot for battle animations in regards to length? 2-3 seconds for a short 'boop' on the nose sort of skill 4-6 seconds for a low tier spell 8-10 seconds for a more grandiose skill/spell An especially good question might be how...
  7. Zortik

    Paying for a game design blueprint

    Have you ever looked at a game, either in development and/or finished, and wondered “How can I make that?” Or “How did they pull this off?” This lead me to wondering if there would be a market for a game design blueprint. Not to be confused with an “ultimate game package with all the...
  8. Zortik

    ******* versus paying for cheaper games

    Let’s all agree on these two points prior to engaging in this discussion. First, you have the means to do one or the other of these two options. It’s hypothetical. Second, you want to do one of these two options. How do you prefer to support a developer/producer? Would you rather contribute a...
  9. Zortik

    RPGMaker MV - shadowy/mystery enemy sprite and front view battler

    I will probably need some help with articulating this request... Engine RPG Maker MV Request = 2 items 1 = 3x4 spritesheet 1 = front view picture for a battler (not animated) Style = Please maintain a similar level of 'realism' as the RTP. Size = The default Minotaur battler found in the...
  10. Zortik

    Get on the good list by saying something nice!

    Everyone loves to hear something nice said to or about them! So, let's spread some good vibes around by playing a little game. Pay close attention to the rules! Game: Provide a sincere compliment to the person who last commented. The compliment should be sincere. Visit their profile and look...
  11. Zortik

    Get to know me better!

    A huge hello from the U.S. mid-west! I wanted to get the ball rolling a bit with getting to know more of the members on this community and thought a good way to get this going would be to provide a fun list of things about me. I'll happily respond here to any posts but I also want to encourage...
  12. Zortik

    Requesting three 3x4 spritesheets (Ghosts) to use for events.

    Hi, Engine: RPG Maker MV 3x4 spritesheet for each 'character' Does not need damaged or battler stances I'm looking for someone willing to create three sprites. I don't have a strong set of instructions to provide, but I do have some limitations and an explanation on how I intend to use them...
  13. Zortik

    So, you started a new game ("A how to begin your story" discussion)

    So, I'm looking for some widespread opinions / discussions on starting a new game. I'll post some subjects below, and share my personal opinions on them as well. I'd like for this discussion to remain within the realm of being executable with RPG Maker (MV is the engine of preference, but feel...
  14. Zortik

    RPGMaker MV - Yanfly Iconset recolor request

    This Iconset is hosted by Yanfly and, while it is openly available to commercial or non-commercial users, it does heavily use icons from the RPG Maker VX ACE engine. More information on this can be found on Yanfly's website where I acquired this image...
  15. Zortik

    A question to those who accept parallax mapping requests (Paid or not)

    This question is posed to individuals who are adept at (or in the business of) doing parallax map requests. Do you prefer a blank canvas, with basic information? Or would you prefer the individual to make a map within the tool itself. Then provide it to you for you to enhance significantly...
  16. Zortik

    A Beginner wanting to learn JavaScript

    So, with RPG Maker MV out I've once again begun the circle of... A new RPG Maker came out! Oh boy, I want to make a game! Look at that cool [script]/[plugin]. I'm gonna try it. Hu-uh... I can't find a [script]/[plugin]. for this function I want in my game. Maybe I can learn how to program...

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