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  1. PixeLockeT

    IndieWednesdie - I want games to LP/Critique?

    So my New Year's resolution, besides to just grow my game dev, art, singing, programming, etc. skills, is to overcome my longstanding intense fear of fame and ignite my YouTube channel and websites! Because I love indie games, I'm going to try to post LPs of indie games on Wednesdays under...
  2. PixeLockeT

    Selling "packs" of RPG Maker Content?

    I found some threads asking this, but they had conflicting information and I want clarity. If myself and a friend are working on a resources pack made with RPG Makers in mind, can I list those on my Classified thread or are there other channels I'd need to go through in order to sell it? Some...
  3. PixeLockeT


    :kaohi: I own a little team called PixeLockeT and make games with a variety of engines, but I started way back in highschool years on the RPG Makers, mostly on PS1 version, but soon to the PC version back then. I finished a 70+ hour RPG. Then unfortunately, became disabled soon after so couldn't...
  4. PixeLockeT

    FREE Dragon Quest WiP Fan-MMORPG Needs Voice Acting {Possibly More}

    Introduction "Good morrow!" I am the lead developer of a small Dragon Quest fan-MMO and recently switched to the RPG Maker (MMOMV) engine to save some programming time due to it already containing the Turn-Based Battles I seek. (Cause it was gonna be pesky coding an entire Battle System in C#...

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