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  1. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    So, apparently plugin command for changing the player's collider still doesn't work? I have tried this, and some other variations, but nothing :( (plugin command) qMovement changeCollider player, default, box 48, 48, 0, 0
  2. Imitating a "New Game" via script calls

    It works! Thank you!
  3. Change Text Window's Color.

    Nope, I mean the background. I remember changing some .js files back in the days but don't know which one was it.
  4. Change Text Window's Color.

    I don't want to change its opacity. I need to change the color from pitch black to something else
  5. Change Text Window's Color.

    Not sure what's the issue here, but I fail to change the text window's color. Changing window.png doesn't work and neither YEP_Core configurations. The windows stay pitch black. I wonder if I could change it through js folder (rpg_core, windows, etc.) Any thoughts?
  6. Imitating a "New Game" via script calls

    Working on my custom on map title screen. Could I somehow force a New Game via script call? I've tried SceneManager.push(Scene_Map); ,but it doesn't seem to work properly. It seemingly ignores the player's game start location and doesn't clear any switches, variables, etc. Would it be better...
  7. Check whether player is "hovering" a certain choice

    Okay, forget changing the volume, please, cause I'm not looking for any alternatives. I'm just asking if anyone knows whether I can check if a certain choice is about to be selected(I call it hovering, but not with a mouse, but selection area). I'm experienced with eventing and have links to...
  8. Check whether player is "hovering" a certain choice

    My game doesn't support the mouse. The menu is made of SRD Picture Choice plugin. There are plugins that can display things(hints and images) depending on what choice you're hovering, but I need more flexibility. I could remake it using simple show pictures commands but then the menu would be...
  9. Check whether player is "hovering" a certain choice

    I'm working on my custom menu. Is it possible to check whether the player's "selection" is above a certain choice(hovering)? I want the player to be able to change the volume by pressing the right\left buttons and do the same with other options in the menu.
  10. Change "master volume" via Script Call

    It works great! Thanks!
  11. Change "master volume" via Script Call

    I'm working on my own menu system. Would it be possible to change the game's volume via script call?
  12. Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    @ddblue Yep. I'm now talking to OcRam in case he could update the MV version of the plugin. Alternatively, I'm gonna have to search for a scripter :)
  13. Detecting frame drops using Debug console?

    Resolved! Debug window tends to hide certain minor errors, so I had to change it's filters.
  14. OcRam - Layers plugin (for MV)

    Is it possible to scale up the layer? It's the only plugin that is fully compatible with Khas's lighting, but large (scaled up in the editor) images and "map covering" effect provoke unfortunate lags in the game.
  15. Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    LAST IMPORTANT UPDATE! After a few hours of testing, I found the issue. It seems like the plugin has issues with scaled-up images bound to the map. Basically, both normal parallaxes and plugin parallaxes will produce a lag if images are scaled up.
  16. Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    I've noticed that the plugin gives me periodic frame drops from steady 60 FPS down to 30 just for a second. Did anybody else experience it? I've looked inside the Debug window but haven't found anything useful. Turning the plugin off is the only thing that helps for now.
  17. Detecting frame drops using Debug console?

    I'm noticing periodic frame drops from 60 FPS to 30(just for a second or so) from time to time, but I fail to find its source since I'm getting it even on empty maps. Could I somehow find it using the Debug console? Are there any other instruments for that? I looked into it but couldn't figure...
  18. OcRam - Layers plugin (for MV)

    It worked! Thanks!
  19. OcRam - Layers plugin (for MV)

    I'm trying to make a simple parallax map. One layer below the character, the seconds above, but I'm failing over and over again. Here are my two plugin commands: layer 2 dungeons_base 0 0 1 true layer 3 dungeons_top 0 0 1 true As a result, the second layer doesn't show at all and the first one...
  20. How to round a variable's value?

    @Aerosys Sorry. Not sure what you were referring to. @Wavelength Oh, the script totally worked! Yep, actually, I've initially tested that in the Show message command and it would show me unrounded numbers. Now it works fine though.

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