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  1. Fatboysmough

    Unknown shadow/circle above enemy's head?

    Alright yeah that was the issue. Figured it was something really simple. Thanks you!
  2. Fatboysmough

    Unknown shadow/circle above enemy's head?

    Don't really know if this is the right place to ask but I'll ask anyways. Recently I started on a Touhou fangame and decided to use SumRndmDde's Walk Character Battler's plugin for both the player characters and enemies, to make use of the custom sprite sheets I have. Going to test the plugin...

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Ugh, I may have been cumbersomely eventing a bunch of stuff I could have easily done changing the tileset "Passage (4 dir)" and "Ladder" options. Oops :D
I have no idea why some of the program "splash screen" always on top. E.g, RMMZ loading screen stuck on the top blocking anything I want to do until it fully loaded. What is even the purpose?
One of the secret places in the game.
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