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  1. Title Logo

    I am hoping some one is willing to help. I am after a title logo to go on white background. Name/Text: Titanborne Stile: Kingdom Hearts, Finale Fantasy Colour: Black, Blue Image: I don't know so have fun. Game Age: 5 - 12
  2. Enemies encounter depending on time of day or weather

    Hi All, Its all in the title, trying to work out how to change what enemies you encounter depending on the time, weather or both.
  3. Bodye's SV Battlers

    TOS: Credit: Boyde, Kadokawa, & whtdragon Non-Commercial: Free to use Commercial: Free to use Repost: Link to this thread Edits: You are free to edit Repost of Edits: Please upload any edits here so other people can use them. Maker Required: RPG Maker MV

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I turned 17 two months ago and I feel like I've grown (personality-wise) more in this 1 year than all the 16 years I had lived combined.
Ugh, I may have been cumbersomely eventing a bunch of stuff I could have easily done changing the tileset "Passage (4 dir)" and "Ladder" options. Oops :D
I have no idea why some of the program "splash screen" always on top. E.g, RMMZ loading screen stuck on the top blocking anything I want to do until it fully loaded. What is even the purpose?
One of the secret places in the game.
Had a dream last night that I died -- what a way to start the weekend! :'D

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