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  1. Bertrand

    RMMV Blessing of Protection skill

    Hello, I would need help doing this skill. I have all of Yanfly's plugins. I'll admit that I'm a coding newbie and I'm not sure where to start to do this skill. If anyone would give me any advice, I thank you in advance. Edit: Here is where I start but it doesn't work at all and I don't...
  2. Bertrand

    Seal of Righteousness skill

    Hello, I would like help to do a skill that is found in WOW: It's this one: I've done it two ways but neither one works for me. Plugins installed: All Yanfly and ICFSoft plugins. 1st way: My basic attack has for action sequence this: <target action> if user.speed == 3 &&...
  3. Bertrand

    RMMV Action Sequence with two different skills

    Hello, I'm blocking on an action sequence. I would like that if the player is affected by a state, the player does additional damage based on another skill. I'm just starting out and I'm not sure if this is feasible but I prefer to ask just in case. Here's my code for skill A, I put in bold...
  4. Bertrand

    RMMV Players may only have one Aura.

    Hello, Here is my problem: I create an aura A and an aura B. I would like that when aura B is launched after aura A, aura A disappears. I base myself on this technique: Tooltip: Gives 735 additional armor to party members. Players may only have one Aura . I did like in this video...
  5. Bertrand

    Row Formation (YEP) and Order Turn Battle (Fallen Angel Olivia)

    Hello, Here's the problem, When all my battlers are in the first row, or second row or third row they can all attack in the next round and next round they can all attack in the next round. but When they are scattered in rows one, two and three, they can all attack on the first turn and only...
  6. Bertrand

    RMMV YEP Armor scaling WOW system

    Hello, I use YEP ArmorScaling and I would like to use the WOW system, that is to say that for the same value of armor, the latter loses in value when leveling up. The Positive Physical Rate formula is as follows: value * = armor / (armor + 400 + (85 * target.level)) Physical Base armor...
  7. Bertrand

    YEP. Message Eval Text

    Hello, I use this formula: \evalText<<<($ + 10) + Math.pow($, 0.1) / 10>> in the description of the skill. But there are too many decimal places and I would like to round the figure up but I don't know how to do it. If anyone has an idea...

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