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  1. Lucas7eixeira

    Events to reflect season changes?

    Hi guys, again I need your toughts about what is the better approach for a feature in my game... So I want a living world, I'm using a time/weather system (l have two options for it, idk if it matters but, one is a few common events I did for manipulate time/season/weather and the other is MOG's...
  2. Lucas7eixeira

    events vs. plugins

    In my actual project I have a lot of plugins, some of then I can implemente with common events, like the time/weather that I have two option: one I made with only a few common and map events, the other option is to have 2 plugins "MOG_TimeSystem" and "MOG_WeatherEX". The difference between the...
  3. Lucas7eixeira

    Is technically possible to run an event on other map than the one you are in?

    I need to place an event, a trader that appears every morning (6AM in the time plugin) in a map, basically he enters the map, walk till the place he set shop and take some itens in a chest where the player can let some itens to sell automatically, wait a certain number of time, than walk the way...
  4. Lucas7eixeira

    "HideCharacters method" delete

    Hi guys, so last day a had a problem with a outdated plugin when I tried to use the "battle test", and looking at the console log we can see that the plugin had problems trying to operate with a line of code I deleted (I deleted the "HideCharacters method" in the "rpg_scenes.js" file cause I...
  5. Lucas7eixeira

    Battle test not working

    Sorry if it's already been solved here, but i can't find it so i opened this thread, and of course, thx in advance for everyone trying to help me! :) So I made my first monsters to test my game, all working fine if i play test, but when i try to start a battle from the "battle test" this...
  6. Lucas7eixeira

    tint+weather effect issues (solved)

    Hi everyone and thx in advance for anyone who try to help me! :) So im developing a game with a time/weather/season system and i need a common event to : 1º - See if im on a external or internal map, if im at internal it stops every tint/weather effects, if not it does the next steps. 2º - Tint...

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