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  1. Trying to set up an event to allow interruption of another event

    I have a cutscene in my game which is created purely through eventing (no videos or pictures, just in-game assets). That event has been set to auto-run, and when it completes, it moves the player to a new area. That all works fine. But it's a pain in the ass watching the whole cutscene every...
  2. "Free Action" skill?

    Maybe it is that I am so tired I am missing something obvious, but I am hoping that the rest of the community can help out here. I am trying to make a certain skill (or more accurately, set of skills) take no time to activate, effectively making them "free actions" ala Dungeons and Dragons. I...
  3. 2x2 Event Graphic?

    Is there a way to set an event in MZ to have a 2x2 tile event graphic, rather than a 1x1? It seems like this should be a simple, intuitive thing, but I can't figure it out, and I couldn't find anything on the MZ forums about this issue (suppose I should probably have checked the others first...
  4. Tilesets w/o Autotiles?

    Hi, I am currently working on my first game in RMMZ, and I love it so far! Having dabbled with the other engines in the series for years and years (I remember the Don Miguel releases as current software, lol), I love the new features and QoL improvements. I am aiming for creating most, if not...

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