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  1. TKarver13

    Damage formula that returns healing? I need help.

    Using RMMV, No Plugins, Vanilla AF. So I'm trying to write a formula that returns healing to (a) after dealing damage to (b) , the healing is mathed based on the damage inflicted. (Essentially a life-steal, but.. not) Something like this, correct me please: Type: HP Damage ((a.atk + a.mat)...
  2. TKarver13

    Need Help creating Buff/Icon to show on screen upper right, with Step Counter. MapScreen Only for Leader

    I'm looking to create or show buffs/debuffs - on Map Screen Only. This would only pertain to the main character/leader of party. I Do Not Use plugins for this game! *** Something similar to what World of Warcraft does. If I get poisoned in a battle, afterwards it shows I'm 'poisoned' for : 100...

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