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  1. Jentokki

    Animals for MZ !

    Resource Type: Sprite sets Maker Format: MZ Art Style: Close to MZ or MV style? Description: I need more animals, especially farm animals for RPG Maker MZ! The resources from whtdragon would be perfect, but since i don't own MV, i can't use them... I especially need chickens, ducks and...
  2. Jentokki

    RMMZ Excarnated - alpha demo available

    "My child, you have been given another chance. It is now your turn to protect the Earth." You play as Mashi, one of the Guardians, protectors of the Earth against the Lostlings. During her adventures with her Meister, Peppermint, she will find out that things aren't exactly as she's been told...
  3. Jentokki

    Fill a variable?

    Hello there! First, i hope this is the right place to post, i got a little confused there. I'm very new to the software, so i'm sorry if my question can seem stupid! Okay so, i'd like to know how to fill a variable with a string. For exemple, a character asks you what's your favorite animal...

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