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  1. Nutty171

    Hide Status and Gold Windows in Menu

    The plugin I'm looking for I'm pretty sure is pretty simple. What I want is for the pause screen to only include the menu. The best way to describe it is with a picture: This is for my IGMC entry, so I'd like to have it before that ends. :LZSproud: Thanks in advance! :LZSexcite:
  2. Nutty171

    Going on Vacation

    Hello all! :kaohi: I will be leaving for a little over a week: I'll leave this Friday (10-6), and be back the next Saturday (10-14). Just letting you know why when I disappear! :kaojoy:
  3. Nutty171

    Keep and hide text box

    Description: In the "Show Text..." command window, there's another check box, "Keep," that will make the text box stay on screen until another "Show Text..." command is used, or the "Hide Text" command is used. A new event command, "Hide Text," which closes the text box" Code for...
  4. Nutty171

    [Solved] How to open the Formation menu via events?

    I want the player to only be able to change the formation of the actors when interacting with a certain event. Is there a script call or something that I can use to open said menu?
  5. Nutty171

    Confusion with enemy attack element vs skill element

    So in the database, for enemies there is an "Attack Element" trait. But also in skills, there is an "Element" thingy near the damage formula box. So which one of these takes priority?
  6. Nutty171

    [Solved] Is there a way to change the number of non-reserve party members?

    How can I change the max number of non-reserve party members? The default is four, and I want to change it to two, so that all members added to the party when there are two or more will become reserve members.
  7. Nutty171

    Custom Area Display Names

    I've received a few compliments on my custom area display names that I used in my project, so I decided to make a tutorial for it! :kaojoy: In this tutorial, I will show you the eventing side of my custom display names, plus I will show you how to make two separate areas in one map! Enjoy! (If...
  8. Nutty171

    The Unofficial Riddles Thread!

    It begins with me, and it ends with me. Its restless arm ever swinging, Perfect time forever keeping. What is it?
  9. Nutty171

    Let's talk about the MCU!

    This post contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. You have been warned. I really REALLY love the Guardians series. Guardians 2 is arguably the best movie sequel I've ever seen. Why? It feels like a new story, a new movie, and it doesn't rely on the...
  10. Nutty171

    [Solved] Simultaneous movement with an event

    I'm trying to have an event move simultaneously with the player. Here's my current event: It works pretty well, except for one problem. When the player and the event are adjacent, if the player tries to move/turn toward the event, the event moves without the player, and they desync. How can I...
  11. Nutty171

    "There may be more posts after this." Yeah...

    So, this really isn't anything major, or anything that affects me, but in my alerts, this showed up: Thing is, what mlogan posted was: And this begs the question: when does it ever NOT say "There may be more posts after this"?
  12. Nutty171

    [RTP Edit] Water D beach with Water E water

    Resource type: Tile edits Maker format: MV Art style: MV RTP Description: I want a water tiles where the water is the "Water E (Port)" water, but it has the land is from "Water D (Sand)" It has to be able to transition seamlessly into the Water E tiles. (p.s. also it needs to be animated. :P)...
  13. Nutty171

    A way to turn off auto-shadows

    Description of the Feature: In the options menu, a checkbox that says something like, "automatic shadows," that when not checked, the maker will not automatically place shadows next to walls. (The checkbox would be checked by default) Code for Implementation: Not a programmer, but should be...
  14. Nutty171

    [RTP Edit] Nutty's Cliff Edits

    Hi all, I decided I wanted cliff tiles similar to in the Pokémon games, in my game, so I made some! :kaopride: Credit: Kadokawa, and Nutty171 if you feel like it. Non-Commercial: Free, duh. Commercial: Free, duh Repost: Go ahead. But don't claim that you made it. Because you didn't. Edits: Go...
  15. Nutty171

    Nutty's not-so-amazing Tiles

    So I've been trying to get into pixel art for a while, and so I made these tiles. But first, terms of use. Non-commercial: Yes, credit Nutty171 Commercial: Yes, credit Nutty171 Edits: Yes, credit Nutty171 Reposts/Reposts of edits: No, but if you're feeling bold, you can ask for my permission...
  16. Nutty171

    [Bug/Oversight] Right-click menu sometimes goes offscreen.

    User: Nutty171 Bug/Oversight: The right-click menu can sometimes go offscreen. How to replicate the bug from a new project: Set the size of the map list panel to the smallest you possibly can. Right-click the map. The menu should go off of the screen. It will show you the whole menu the first...
  17. Nutty171

    [RTP Edit] Non terrain-specific lava

    Credit: Kadokawa, and Nutty171 if you feel like it. Non-Commercial: Free, duh. Commercial: Free, duh. Repost: Go ahead. But don't claim that you made it. Because you didn't. Edits: Go ahead. It's RTP, you can do whatever you want with it. (if you have MV) Repost of Edits: Go ahead...
  18. Nutty171

    Larger Crystal

    Resource type: Tile edits Maker format: MV Art style: MV RTP Description: Literally just the "Large Crystal" in the RTP dungeon B tileset except it's upscaled to 2x4 instead of 1x2. (I don't want it to be pixelated) Reference:
  19. Nutty171

    I have a challenge for you all!

    So with autotiles, there are 47 possible tiles you can make, which can be fit into a 7x7 area: So my challenge is to use all 47 of those tiles in the smallest area possible WITHOUT USING THE SHIFT KEY. Think it's easy? It's not. My personal best is 11x11. And that's with some help! Good luck...
  20. Nutty171

    Wait, I'm supposed to do one of these?

    I just found this forum, and realized that I was probably supposed to do one of these. XD So here I am, doing an introduction. Hi. I'm Nutty. You may have seen me around, maybe not, but I try to be as helpful as I can without sounding like an idiot. (I am) Since I can't find the rules for this...

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