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  1. NemoTheSurvivor

    RMMV Purgatory - limited battles

    Yes and yes. I mean, it's a turn based twist on rogue-likes. You won't be able to get rid of the tedium of repeating the same map over and over (which is why random level generation exists in many rogue-likes), but as long as the core gameplay is strong and the "Fight, loot, die, spend, repeat"...
  2. NemoTheSurvivor

    The "This game feature captivated me" thread

    Dragon's Dogma captivated me, and I think I know why. It wasn't the simple but deep combat, or the amazing world, but the Pawn system. For the uninitiated, Pawns were an NPC that the player had total control over. You could customize them to the same level as your player character, change their...
  3. NemoTheSurvivor


    Howdy! I've been playing with MV on and off for a while, so I finally decided to join the forums and get to know my fellow gamemakers. Y'all can call me Nemo. I enjoy making games (eventing and writing specifically), playing games, and chilling with friends. It's nice to meet everyone here!

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Since I started in this world of make games, It's hard for me to enjoy playing a game. It's like, coding and make it work, sounds like I'm playing and have fun o_O
Not sure if it's true (and I won't judge or blame anyone if it is, really), but I heard from confident sources that you guys (and girls) really really like to
How is this new year for everyone? Hope you are well. Still deep in Covid in the US. Its like a vampire and refuses to die with even more strains. I need some holy water to kill it with.
in my game, what's known as HeadSpace is combining with the real world...
oh looks like the forums updated while I wasn't looking and we can put a banner now. Neat!

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