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  1. Calamitous Magic

    Eli Map Reveal - Reveal the map as you walk!

    Oh dear, I am embarrassed!:oops: I have been fiddling around and couldn't get it to work no matter what plugins I turned off. So I started a fresh project, put yours in and (of course) it worked perfectly. Then I started to add in other plugins and they all worked (including Save Core) - so...
  2. Calamitous Magic

    Eli Map Reveal - Reveal the map as you walk!

    Eliaquim, thank you for your prompt reply. I have been trying this in a project that I use for testing things out, so it does have a lot of superfluous plugins in it. I will try turning off the SaveCore and see how I go from there. I probably don't need it anyway and I would really like to...
  3. Calamitous Magic

    Eli Map Reveal - Reveal the map as you walk!

    Like seaotter I am having no luck with this. I have purchased the two required plugins and installed them in the correct order. As soon as I put the <CoverMap> note tag in it causes an error: Also, I do not understand the instruction "Choose a variable to hold the range value, in tiles."...
  4. Calamitous Magic

    Guardinthena's MV Resources -- NEW: Immersive Ants

    Thank you, these are amazing. I have tried (and failed miserably) to do a spiral staircase before so I am uber impressed - it may even inspire me to have another go! Also LOVE that printing press. It will definitely be used. When I finish my game in 2035 I will send you a copy!
  5. Calamitous Magic

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I came here looking to see if someone clever had done this very thing - and I find a lot of clever people! I mainly want this for room and street lighting. So far all I have done is put the plugin in my MZ project that I have brought over from MV and copied the Terrax notetag from an MV light...
  6. Calamitous Magic

    Yanfly plugins in MZ

    I know they are two different things I thought I made that clear. However, Yanfly's video states quite clearly that the money from ******* and (which is where you buy the plugins) will go towards hiring programmers who are "capable of creating core plugins for RPG Maker MZ for free"...
  7. Calamitous Magic

    Yanfly plugins in MZ

    I am strongly considering purchasing the full MV plugin pack (even though they will be redundant when I move to MZ) because Yanfly has done amazing work (previously all for free) for us all and I feel it is a good thing to show some appreciation for that and I can afford it. I have no problem...
  8. Calamitous Magic

    New Releases: Heroine Character Generator 3, Emotional 3: Tragic Love

    Adding my voice for some stuff for the blokes! EDIT: And some decent mouths.
  9. Calamitous Magic

    New Release: Town of Seasons - Interiors! Deal of the Week: Katakura Hibiki’s MV Monsters Vol 1

    I just received an email detailing the Steam Weeklong Sale and also advising of some free character generator assets to celebrate MV reaching 300 000 units sold. Can anyone tell me how to access those assets - they look brilliant, but there is no download link or instructions on where to find one.
  10. Calamitous Magic

    Event Summer Map Contest Submissions Thread

    Title: Midsummer in Faerie Land Comments: Tilesets edited in Photoshop. Materials Used: FSM: Woods and Cave Tiles, Heroine Character Generator, animals with thanks to Whtdragon.
  11. Calamitous Magic

    Sakan 1.10 update?

    The Steam version of Sakan received this update in December. I have been unable to ascertain if this update is available for Sakan purchased through the store here. If so, can somebody tell me how I can get it and if not, why not? Thank you.
  12. Calamitous Magic

    RPG Maker MV 1.4.1 & SAKAN 1.01 Update

    Yes, I'm curious about that too. It just said "Update required" and I can find no notification or info on any update other than the one from April. I let it run and it updated very quickly and whatever it was didn't mess with the Character Generator but I don't know if I need to do anything...
  13. Calamitous Magic

    Love Mapping Contest - Fan Favorite

    I'm sorry, I'm old and grumpy and although I eventually figured out how to see each entry I found it far too tedious to go through that for each one. So for the most part I have no idea what is on that list and won't be voting, but good luck to everyone and I hope that others are not as lazy...
  14. Calamitous Magic

    Love Mapping Contest

    This is my second entry. In an odd way it was inspired by Sarah_yt's entry which had an end of summer feel to it. That put one of my favourite songs - Boys of Summer by Don Henley - into my head. It is something of a lament for lost love and youth. It perfectly encapsulates that yearning you...
  15. Calamitous Magic

    Love Mapping Contest

    Yes, the snipping tool is brilliant.
  16. Calamitous Magic

    Love Mapping Contest

    I really like this - it is very evocative. The overall colouring and the browner grass at the top gives an "end of summer" feel which is a little melancholy. The abandoned cart is a nice touch too, kind of forlorn - and yet maybe someone will come back for it.
  17. Calamitous Magic

    Love Mapping Contest

    Well, here's my first try - an archaeologist's dream date: Credits: Some MV RTP but mostly Ancient Dungeons - Jungle [Copyright](C) 2016 KADOKAWA, INC; artist Celianna.
  18. Calamitous Magic

    Love Mapping Contest

    I love mapping so much I spend so much time on it I may never finish a game! I will definitely have a crack at this but I'm not sure how to make a map lovey-dovey though - that might need a bit of thought.:rolleyes:
  19. Calamitous Magic

    "Hobbit Shire" Tileset for MV

    @Gabrelik Your trees are looking great, I see you aren't as lazy as me and are doing it all yourself.  I'm afraid I pinched my leaves etc from the RTP - looks like it's got a bit of a leaf afro!  Still, I'm quite chuffed with the trunk for a first effort (amazing what you can do with a smudge...

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