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  1. Extended Skill description IN BATTLE.

    Hello, friends! I was wondering if anyone could help me on this. I hope my request it is not too hard to implement. Basically, I need a way to show an extended description of a skill in battle. It can be done the way you prefer, for example like, pressing a certain button and making a new...
  2. Targeting two random dead members. (Yanfly's Selection control & Action sequence)

    Hello people! The idea under this effect is simple enough. Its a skill that automatically selects two random dead members of the party to bring them back from KO. Im working with Yanfly's Selection control but I guess I cannot find the right formula. For reference, below is the formula...
  3. Final Fantasy XIV's DoubleCast (Yanfly's FFV Dualcast)

    Hello beautiful people! Here I am trying to somehow tweak Yanfly's FFV dualcast to make it work as the FFXIV (if possible). If you have a better way to do it i'd like to hear it. For those unfamiliar with how the FFXIV version works, I'll explain: You cast some random magic, it doesn't...
  4. Making an "AoE Cover skill"

    Hello people, So the idea is as it follows. This skill shouldn't be a normal "cover" skill where the actor gets all the blows from the enemy, as such effect could be easily recreated with Yanfly's "Taunt" plugin. The effect of this skill would be to block the incoming damage of an enemy's AoE...

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