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  1. Manga Maker ComiPo!

    Dear All!! I'm Riccardo, and I bought ComiPo! from steam. I have the problem that the assets cannot be used out of RPG Maler series even if in the steam FAQ and license is written : " The individual assets included in ComiPo (such as the characters, expressions, props, background, etc.) can...
  2. RPGMaker MV : The Guardian of Jesi

    The Guardian of Jesi PRICE 1,99 $ or 1,79 Euro SYNOPSIS The Guardians of Cola are an elitist gild of knights that rule over the Marche region. They protect the people from monsters and others evil creatures. The gild is ruled by Gran Master Axel, the elder knight and one of the most poweful...
  3. Change Project Name

    Hi! How Can I change the project name? My problem is that in the save screen, there is the name of the project in the background (the name of the project is different than the name of the game) Thanks!
  4. Back in Battle System

    Hello! How can I add a Back option in all the screen of the battle. I need it for an Android Game, it is not so comfortable touch the screen using two fingers, then I want to add this kind of option Is it possible also via plugin? Thanks
  5. TypeError on Android

    Hello everybody! I downloaded from Steam RPG Maker MV (version 1.5). I have some problems when I try to play in an Android platform. In particular at the beginin screen appear the error "TypeError undefined is not a function" I don't know how to solve it, when I play the game using the player...

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