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  1. Multiple Parties Group

    Hi, it would be great if there's a plugin to allow the user to have multiple parties like in the last dungeon/part of Final Fantasy 6. An example will be, say we have 30 heroes in our party and we can create different groups with each one consisting of a Leader + 3 or more members accompanying...
  2. Game.exe icon

    Most commercial rpg maker games that are out have their Game.Exe icon replaced with a custom icon and is been renamed to the game's title. I think that in the eula, it states that we cannot modify or change the game.exe. Anyone can provide some insights on this? Edited 2: I just saw this on...
  3. Game Credits with nicknames?

    I have a question regarding Credits in the game. After having played some commercial rpg maker games, I was very surprised that some developpers do not put their name in the game's credits and instead put a Nick Name. Now, we are all used to see real names of people who participated in the...
  4. Rtp Question

    Hi, I have Rpg Maker Xp/Vx/Ace and I am planning to go commercial on Xp as I already have a project which I have been working on for sometime now. I would like to confirm if I can use and edit the graphics from Vx/Ace RTP package and put it in my commercial Xp game. So my game will be made...

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