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  1. Corona~!

    Howdy, folks.

    Name's Corona~! People also refer to me as StarwingCorona, Corona!01 and CoCo. I enjoy old jokes, new ideas and long walks off short piers. My hobbies include doing art and doing nothing with a trend towards the latter. All said, I'm pretty much just an aimless creative type who typically lacks...
  2. Corona~!

    In-Game Window/Screen Resize

    I want to make a game that can account for both 4:3 and 16:9 resolutions, but I hit a snag with preexisting Screen Resolution plugins since they either seem to cause awkward window and game screen problems when attempting to resize after game initialization or simply undo the resolution change...

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I think I got it!
Since I started in this world of make games, It's hard for me to enjoy playing a game. It's like, coding and make it work, sounds like I'm playing and have fun o_O
Not sure if it's true (and I won't judge or blame anyone if it is, really), but I heard from confident sources that you guys (and girls) really really like to
How is this new year for everyone? Hope you are well. Still deep in Covid in the US. Its like a vampire and refuses to die with even more strains. I need some holy water to kill it with.
in my game, what's known as HeadSpace is combining with the real world...

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