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  1. CraneSoft

    Getting Troop Drops On The Map (Without entering a battle)

    So I'm facing an issue when trying to make an assassination passive that allows you to instantly kill enemy symbols on the map without engaging them directly in a battle, naturally this prevents the player from getting any loot the enemy would have otherwise dropped from killing them normally...
  2. CraneSoft

    Extended Opening/Prolonged Prologues

    Last week, I had a talk with a friend about how to entice players and keep them engaged early on, and had a discussion about prologues. By “Prologue” (which different people may have different definition of), I don’t mean the long scrolling backstory infodumps at the first few minutes after you...
  3. CraneSoft

    Quick Time Events/Button Prompt in RPGs

    Ahh… QTEs or whatever you call them - that one mechanic I’ve heard more hate than praise recently. Now let’s not talk about the “Press X to Not Die” shenanigans, rhythm battle systems that are built around precision timed hits, or the rage-inducing button mashers. Let’s say that you are only...
  4. CraneSoft

    FPS and Frame Drops

    Im on VXACE and recently I have noticed some frame skips under specific conditions when playtesting and would like some assistance on the matter. For starters, the game runs at 60fps normally on any map (even large ones) by default - no issue so far, the problem then arises when I'm trying to...
  5. CraneSoft

    Resetting Game progress to an earlier point of time: Thoughts?

    Now I've heard about implementing New Game+ without the use of a script, which basically just involves resetting all the necessary switches and variables to their initial/fresh states, but I can't seem to get my head around how to reset to an earlier part of the game instead of the beginning...
  6. CraneSoft

    Serious help needed regarding Battles and Menus

    Good day. I recently started visiting here after starting my own personal project with VXAce which I have been working for a few months, learning the necessary when searching on the net for sources whenever possible. However, I had came to a standstill with several issues which I am never seem...

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