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  1. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Game Idea: Atelier Anthrax

    I had an idea for a game about a shopkeeper who befriends a homeless magicial girl, Minky Momo. Minky Momo was a successful magicial girl with her own anime and such until she was rendered homeless after the Japanese economy crashed during the early 90's. However, once the two become friends...
  2. AeroPergold

    Alternate Universe: Urusei Yatsura is redone by the people who did Thomas and Friends

    Video Description: In an alternate universe, between the production of seasons 1 and 2 of Thomas the Tank Engine and alongside production of TUGS, Britt Allcroft decided to adapt the anime Urusei Yatsura for British television. Whilst a localization of the anime was attempted Britt felt that the...
  3. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Idea for an Open World Sci-Fi BotW/Mother 3-esque game

    So I've been toying around with the idea to make a JRPG (obvious since we're all on the subject of RPG Maker here), that takes place in an open world that takes place in a sci-fi setting with lore and plot beats mirroring that of "Breath of the Wild" and "MOTHER 3" and possibly those of the...
  4. AeroPergold

    RMMZ Request for a HP/MP "Rolling Odometer" Plugin/Fix to UI when selecting an actor to be healed mid-battle.

    Hi, I'm looking to see if anyone can make a plugin that replicates the functionality (not necessarily the look of the UI) of how HP and MP are handled in Earthbound wherein when an enemy deals damage, instead of being immediately subtracted, the HP is depleted in a more gradual manner and thus...
  5. AeroPergold

    What does the Luck stat do?

    For all my years in working with RPG Maker, I never really know what the Luck stat really does. Like I use it for damage calculations when I remake the Bottle Rocket items from Earthbound but aside from that I don't really know what function the stat does. My only guess is that it plays a part...
  6. AeroPergold

    RMMZ A Postmortem Nation (WARNING: May Contain Politics)

    A POSTMORTEM NATION (Watch the First Fifteen Minutes of Gameplay!) Synopsis Join the adventure of a secret agent who wakes up from a 500 Year slumber only to find himself in a fantasy world of swords and magic. He now has to recover his memories whilst keeping a dark foe from the past at...
  7. AeroPergold

    Confessions of an RPG Maker User

    So I started a new series on my gaming channel all about talking about my life with RPG Maker, I will be adding new episodes whenever and thus isn't stuck to a schedule. So here are the first two episodes: The game that I've made can be seen here: Episode...
  8. AeroPergold

    My Review/Thoughts of RPG Maker MZ (Please Don't pay Attention to this)

    RPG Maker MZ is latest in RPG Maker technology and I've been using it for the past few days and I sort of felt the need to made public my thoughts on it. The Program Itself: RPG Maker MZ is the RPG Maker I know and love and the first thing I noticed is how much better the program ran, I have...
  9. AeroPergold

    Tales of Your "The Only Edutainment RPG with the four crazy plots!" (Ver 1.2.1)

    Tales of Your is an educational RPG filled with interesting (not the Steve Davis kind of interesting) characters, quirky plots, and other things you would expect from an modern indie dev, especially one who has played Earthbound and decided that it needed more Touhou's and a ZX80 port and that...

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Holy cow... work is demanding and I'm back in college. I'm kind of scared of my dad right now after the incident, but at least I don't live with him all the time. Anyway, working on Fandom Scouts and my FNAF character set. The FNAF sprites are actually going to be used in the game... unfortunately the enemy sprites are FNAF World traces, so no sharing those.

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