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  1. Lord Roy

    RMMV Error Regard Moghunter's Theatrythmn

    SoI was trying to add Mog's Theatrythnm minigame to my project when I noticed that it kept conflicting with Yanfly's VisualHPGuage plugin is there any particular reason why, and how can I fix this error?
  2. Lord Roy

    Agility stat won't increase despite me changing the base stat itself

    Having a small issue regarding the Agility stat. I was making a Thief class with a base AGI stat of 40 using the Quick setting feature of MV. However, it seems to not show up at all when playing in Play Test Mode only seems to work in the Battle Test.
  3. Lord Roy

    RMMV Having some issues with YEP Synthesis

    So I recently downloaded Yanfly's Synthesis plugin, and once I used it it seemed not to show up at all even after I used the plugin command. Any idea's how I should be using it since I'm completely out of ideas other than using a different plugin.
  4. Lord Roy

    DK Game Mode Help and Yanfly Specifc Sound Effect Question.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could explain the easiest way to set up another mode using DK's Game Mode plugin. You see I was inspired by one of Yanfly's Vs Harold videos where he has VX Ace's Hero's instead of MV's. I was gonna use them in a manner to craft a story of MV and VX Ace. MV...
  5. Lord Roy

    Looking for RPG MAKER VX ACE Battlers for MV

    To be more specific I'm looking for MV Battlers of VX ACE characters such as Bennett. I got inspired by one of Yanfly's videos. Since for my game, it was going to have a mode where you can go back 15 years in the past to experience certain events, so I was looking for characters such as Eric...
  6. Lord Roy

    Best way to get in contact with Plugin Devs so I can send them a copy of my game.

    I don't really have much of any leads on finding how to get in contact with the Plugin devs to send them a copy of my game since without their plugins it would've been a rather grueling game development cycle honestly.
  7. Lord Roy

    Quintessence Animation 60fps troubles.

    So when I got the animations into my project the 60fps selection into my Project to test them out, but I'm having some trouble with the frame rate not being a lot slower in my project than when it was in the demo project of Quintessence Animation. It did, in fact, say that it's better to try...
  8. Lord Roy

    How would start a event when in I have my character walk on the spot where it's placed?

    So I'm trying to trigger an event in my game if my character walks on that spot that I placed the event on it would trigger a cutscene then a a battle sequence how would I go about that? To be more specific in case someone doesn't understand what I'm trying to say. I want to be able to trigger a...
  9. Lord Roy

    Modifying Crystal Engine's License Board Script to Power Up Skills

    So I decided to set a value of unlocking skills if they are bought on the license board to false, but my dilemma is that I want it to be of some use and not be there just for show. So is there any specific lines of code that I can insert into the License Board Script that can increase skills...
  10. Lord Roy

    Final Fantasy 12 License Board or Gambit System Plugin

    So this is my first time requesting a plugin for MV so I might have to make this post very descriptive and informative So first off I should explain what a licensing board or gambit system is for those who've never played Final Fantasy 12. Gambits (ガンビット, Ganbitto?) are the functionality of the...
  11. Lord Roy

    Crystal Engine's Gambit System conflicting with Yanfly's Menu Cursor

    So once I started to work on team combinations in terms of either healing a member at a certain percentage or giving an item when needed. I sought out Crystal Engine's gambit system based off of FF12's system. So once I got it installed I've been getting errors from Yanfly's Menu Cursor script...
  12. Lord Roy

    Crystal Basic Module Error

    Getting this error whenever I try to battle test, this is actually a crucial script for the License Board. Both scripts are from Crystal Engines website. So anyone got any idea why the script is acting this way. My theory on why it's doing this must have something to do with the map since it...
  13. Lord Roy

    Sprite Battler Error

    So when I recently acquired Lecode's Break System, I wanted to add a similar mechanic to Final Fantasy 13's stagger system, but when I drain the bar in the script when I'm testing it I get the error "Sprite Battler". Can anyone provide a solution to this dilemma since this is a script I really...
  14. Lord Roy

    Getting this weird error when doing a battle twice.

    So this error comes up in one of my test fights, and could possibly be applied to my other fights. I'm not sure what the solution could be so does anyone else have an idea on what could be the problem and how to fix it?
  15. Lord Roy

    Conflicting Scripts after a battle.

    So the two scripts that are in conflict with each other are Yanfly's Victory Aftermath and Crystal Engine's Sphere Grid. So my dilemma is mostly revolved around it doesn't seem to give me any JP from Yanfly's JP Manager, because the Sphere Grid script sorta replaces it with AP. I 'm not sure if...
  16. Lord Roy

    Looking for 8D Battler Character sets

    If some has the files can you please post them here, because when I try to use the link people send me I get sent to ad covered websites.
  17. Lord Roy

    Is there a way to prevent the gain of EXP?

    I'm trying to create either an item or a mode that prevents you from getting EXP. I got the idea from Kingdom Heart Critical Mode lv1 runs. So is there any way I can do that?
  18. Lord Roy

    Reassigning buttons.

    I'm in a rather annoying situation regarding the systems I implemented into my game such as the crafting system by Venka. The crafting menu of his script shows up for "a" I want to reassign it to "r", but when I do in the general part of the script it remains as "a" which also conflicts with...
  19. Lord Roy

    Having some problems with starting up my game.

    When I try to start up mu game, either New Game or NG+ or even continue, I get this error at the bottom.
  20. Lord Roy

    Any idea how I would make an Item that prevents EXP gain

    I would make the enemies give 0 EXP, but that would take a little too long, and also I want this to be a challenge mode type of thing. It's kinda based off Kingdom Hearts 2 FM Lv1 Critical Mode Runs. So can someone help me out here?

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