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  1. Scribblestick

    Battle GUI window sizing

    I'm using SRD's Battle GUI Customizer. I want to put the Actor Command window at the top of the screen, with options appearing in a single row. For some reason, the window remains tall enough for four rows of text, even though I only want one. The same thing happens with the Party Command...
  2. Scribblestick

    Battle HUD - How to make the default HUD disappear?

    I am building a custom HUD for my game using SRD's HUD maker, but there are a couple features I can't figure out how to implement, such as a glowing box that highlights the "active" character and icons that display for characters' current statuses (KO, poisoned, etc.). I came across Mr. Trivel's...
  3. Scribblestick

    SRD HUD Maker - Elements appear when character is selected

    I'm building a HUD using SumRndmDde's HUD Maker. I want to add an element that only appears when an actor is selected - for example, a glowing box that highlights which actor's turn it is, or when that actor is the target of an ability like a healing spell. I know I need to enter something in...
  4. Scribblestick

    How to hide EXP from status menu

    The game I'm working on does not use EXP, so it makes no sense to display current EXP or how much EXP is needed to progress to the next level. I've thought about using some goofy flavor text (e.g. "Calories burned"), but it would be much easier just to hide the numbers entirely. How do I do that?
  5. Scribblestick

    RMMV Death by Wyvern - Playable Demo (Warning: Some religious themes)

    Death by Wyvern (Working Title) SYNOPSIS My name is Abigail. For a long time, I've lived on my own, fending for myself in the Citadel's Alleys. But some problems, you just can't face them alone. When the Angels came through Judgment's Gate, it came down to a cleric in training, a mall ninja...
  6. Scribblestick

    Gambling minigame - avoiding an obvious exploit

    In my poject, I've created a simple gambling minigame between the player and an NPC. The game can be replayed indefinitely until the player lacks the funds to make a minimum bet. However, clever players can save between bets and just always bet the maximum, then reload the game if they lose...

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