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  1. Mayks

    Help with command in battle

    Hello everybody, if someone can help with my game. i'm puting in my game a featured about states that make your skills change, but i have problem in the commands sections I want to remove the "skills" command and making only "combo" command as default meanwhile the state is active. i...
  2. Mayks

    Megaman X Charaset.

    Hello there, nice to meet you guys, i'm new here, but i don't come alone, i come with 2 charas for rpg maker mv, from Megaman X. these sprites were made it by me, so let see what them is. There is X and Zero. Enjoy and i accept critics, i'm new in this sprites.
  3. Mayks

    Not a problema, a question

    I have a question, can i put external links on my posts?, i mean put a link to a blog, an adfly link, or something like that, i'm new on the forum, and i want to know first before i do something wrong.

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