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  1. Hunger, Thirst, Sleepsystem without Scripting

    Thanks for sharing this great tutorial with us. :) And a special thanks for linking the German version. :D
  2. Viewed Battle System

    You have to copy the script below "Materials". There's the place for all your scripts Du musst das Script unter "Materials" einfügen. Dort werden alle eigenen Scripte eingefügt.
  3. Viewed Battle System

    Is it possible to use more than 4 battlemembers in this script? I've changed the number of battlemembers to 6 In the script Game_Party I've changed the number in line 73 (max_battle_members) If I want to battle with 5 members then i get the following message: Script 'Jet's Viewed Battle...

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Imagine you (as Miner) Sleep in the Cave,the other side is a Bunch of Golds,how d'you feel?
finally got footage of my main character running around his corrupted street...
I finally got the ships and water to flow like I wanted to~ the canals are a success. Now to loop the animation for the kites. So many kites.
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