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  1. D.L. Yomegami

    [MZ] Fix to Light All 3 Animation

    Resource Type: Animation Maker Format: MZ Description: For one reason or the other, the default Light All 3 animation doesn't show the hex circles the other Element All 3 animations do (those three circles with the lightning that play at the start of all the animations). Maybe it was...
  2. D.L. Yomegami

    Differentiating Weapon Types in Turn-based Battle Systems

    Basically: how do you make individual weapon types different from one another in turn-based battle systems (not things like action battle systems or grid-based tactical battle systems, where you can at least make them different based on range if nothing else)? It's something I'm having problems...
  3. D.L. Yomegami

    Using previously installed fonts?

    I'd like to know what the best way to get MZ to use fonts already installed on the player's computer as opposed to needing the font packaged with the game itself is. Having to include the font files for such fonts directly could lead to things getting unnecessarily funky from a legal standpoint...
  4. D.L. Yomegami

    ADHD and Game Dev

    This is one of those topics I wasn't sure where to put it, and ultimately decided on here since it's related to game developing without mechanics. If a mod feels it belongs better elsewhere, I won't object. So I have ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), or at the very least am 99%...
  5. D.L. Yomegami

    [VX Ace] Japanese Battlers?

    Some days ago I played Crysalis, the sample game for VX Ace offered via this website. While most of it was RTP, there were a few battlers that weren't RTP yet still seemed to be in the same style. Furthermore, going by the filenames a few had equivalents in the Sci Fi resources that came with MV...
  6. D.L. Yomegami

    Window-based Menu Editor for MV 1.5.2.

    First off, I know of the Luna Engine's existence. Honestly, I was really looking forwards to that and would have bought it already if it wasn't restricted to 1.6.1 and up. I know that sounds completely silly. Just upgrade to 1.6.1/1.6.2. already, you numbnut! However, there's a big problem...
  7. D.L. Yomegami

    How Easy Should It Be to "Break" a Game?

    For those unfamiliar with the term, "breaking" a game essentially means finding some combination of skills, items, etc. that completely and utterly trivializes any challenge the game might throw at the player. For example, in Octopath Traveler the combination of the Runelord class and Tressa...
  8. D.L. Yomegami

    Horizontal vs. Vertical Gauges

    I wasn't sure if this was a better fit for this forum or the Mechanics discussion forum. I ultimately decided to put it here since it's about an aesthetic thing, but if I was mistaken I won't object if a mod moves it. A while back I was working on making a mockup of my battle GUI, among which...
  9. D.L. Yomegami

    [MV] Full Character Sets?

    Resource Type: Character Sprites + Emosets + Frontview Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: Something that won't clash too much with MV's RTP Description: I'm looking for premade characters, much like the RTP's default actors, the Fantasy Heroine packs, etc., for major roles (main characters and...
  10. D.L. Yomegami

    VX Battle Log/Frontview Screen Flashes

    This is a bit of an odd request, as I'm probably the only person who liked this, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I was messing around with VX the other day, and found that I rather liked how VX handled its battle log compared to how MV does. That is, it uses the message system and puts the...
  11. D.L. Yomegami

    Appear Halfway Enemies Randomly "Reviving"

    In playing around with a boss that regularly summons flunkies, I ran into a bizarre issue where, after dying, one of the appeared enemies would seem to randomly revive a turn after dying, even without any additional Enemy Appear/recover all events. However, upon closer inspection, the "revived"...
  12. D.L. Yomegami

    Attacks with multiple hits vs. Strong single hit attacks

    When it comes to stronger attacks, attacks that hit multiple times for smaller damage can certainly look flashier than an attack that concentrates all its power into a single hit. Mechanically, however, I've been wondering about the pros and cons of both kinds of attacks for a while, and how to...
  13. D.L. Yomegami

    Fantasy Heroine Pack 3 - Faceset Error

    Basically what the title says. The Illusionist/Suit character's faceset lacks an angry expression, as the expression immediately after it (impish/smirking?) is duplicated and takes up the place where the angry expression would had been. Both the fantasy and modern versions of the faceset...
  14. D.L. Yomegami

    [Bug] Force Action Delays State/Buff Turns

    User: D.L. Yomegami Bug: When using the event command "Force Action," States/Buffs with a turn limit never advance their turns. How to Replicate the Bug: Project Link Have a skill use a common event, either with a Force Action in it directly or that turns on a switch that triggers a Force...
  15. D.L. Yomegami

    [MV] RTP Goddess Battler Recolor/Edit

    Resource Type: Static Frontview Battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: I recently recolored the default Goddess character (from the "Nature" character sheet) so that her colors matched those of the Evil God battler. As that was a simple enough task, I also wanted to recolor the...
  16. D.L. Yomegami

    MV and Graphics Cards

    I wasn't sure where to place this topic at first; I decided to put it here since it's specifically about MV and there was a similar topic on the subject of MG's requirements that was also here. If a mod thinks it's better suited for another forum then I won't object. Anyway: my current...
  17. D.L. Yomegami

    MADO White Screen and Crash

    I'm actually not sure if this is the right place to put this. I decided on here since it's an error with a Maker addon, but if a mod decides to move it to Product Discussion and Support instead I won't object. As for the problem I'm having: MADO doesn't seem to want to work for me. After...
  18. D.L. Yomegami

    Enemy Levels with Custom Maximum Level

    Basically, I'm looking for an enemy levels plugin that lets me tie enemy levels to a variable rather than a set value. Yanfly's Enemy Levels plugin seems to only let the user set a custom starting level, while maximum and static levels absolutely have to be a flat value. This is a bit of a...
  19. D.L. Yomegami

    DreamX/Yanfly Battle Status Extension - Actor Command Window Woes

    For the past couple days I've been working on making a custom frontview battle GUI with Yanfly's Battle Status Window and DreamX's extension plugin of the same. Ideally, it'd accomplish the following: 1. Adjust the width of the battle status window depending on how many actors are in the party...
  20. D.L. Yomegami

    SumRndmDde Battle Status Customizer - Referencing Actor Status Windows?

    When I want to reference one of the actor status windows created by the titular plugin (for example, to position another window according to one of the actor status windows), what code do I have to type in? What I want to do with this is combine the Battle Status Customizer with SRD's Battle...

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