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  1. HP/MP Lv Font color change?

    Is there a way to change the color of the font used for HP/MP/TP, etc... ? I can change almost everything using various plugins, but not that...
  2. Showing picture below battle effects?

    I'm using a big bust of my characters in battle, however the battle effects like hit animations, popup numbers, etc are hidden below the picture. Is there any way to change the layer of my picture to be shown below the hit animations, etc? Thanks in advance
  3. RPG Maker MV 1.4 Crash

    So I updated MV to version 1.4, backed up my project and replaced the files as suggested. Then when I tried a saved game from my project the game crashed trying to load with the error "cannot set property children of [object Object] which has only a getter". So I tried creating a new game. I...
  4. Weapon/Armor Stats Info

    I'm currently using Yanfly's Item Core plugin which makes the items menu look much nicer, however it doesn't display any other information about  weapons/armors beside the basics (atk, hp, etc.). I'd love for a way to display such information as I'm including weapons/armor which give extra...
  5. [Request] Item PopUp Messages

    You know, have a popup message appear over your character when you pickup an item instead of the usual text message window. Vlue made one for ACE a while ago called Sleek PopUp. Preferably the popup should have the icon of the item along with the name in text, and if you pick up more than one...
  6. [Request] Extended Game Timers

    Wonderful script made by Shaz for Ace, hope we see a version of it for MV as it's one of the ones I use most. If there's an alternative script or another way to do this in MV please let me know!
  7. [ACE] Need patch for item popup script - PLEASE :)

    Hi :) I have absolutely no experience with ruby, so I need assistance from someone to make a patch for a script. I'm using Vlue's Random weapons and armor script which is the issue here. My game gives lots of items at once (crafting mats, potions, etc). At present I'm using Vlue's Sleek item...

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