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  1. Khas Awesome Light Effects

    Thank you so much for replied :) But unfortunately I don't know anything about RGSS, however I will give it a try :3 Hope when you have more time you can help me with this problem, or at least just tell me what exactly should I learn to fix it because right now I absolutely have no idea where...
  2. Tileset error and game lag when using MGC Tilemap Ace

    Sorry I know that I have to provide a link but somehow I forgot it :( Thanks for reminded me, btw :)
  3. Khas Awesome Light Effects

    I'm using Zeus Map Effect, and when I use his zoom effect, the light from your script keep the same size and in the same place. I use the other zooming methods too but all the time it conflict with your script, , is there anyway...
  4. Map Effects

    I'm using Khas Awesome Light Effect, and when I use your Zoom Effect, all the light keep the same size and not zoomed in :( Is there anyway to fix that?
  5. Tileset error and game lag when using MGC Tilemap Ace

    I'm making a game and I want to zoom in the camera, so I used the Map Zoom Ace v1.6, and it required me to use the MGC Tilemap Ace as well. However I found out using it may lead to the graphic error with some of my tilesets. It was like this: When it was supposed to be like this: All these...

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