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  1. Change System SE (Ok, Cancel, etc) via Script Call?

    Is it possible to do that?
  2. Change Text Window's Color.

    Not sure what's the issue here, but I fail to change the text window's color. Changing window.png doesn't work and neither YEP_Core configurations. The windows stay pitch black. I wonder if I could change it through js folder (rpg_core, windows, etc.) Any thoughts?
  3. Imitating a "New Game" via script calls

    Working on my custom on map title screen. Could I somehow force a New Game via script call? I've tried SceneManager.push(Scene_Map); ,but it doesn't seem to work properly. It seemingly ignores the player's game start location and doesn't clear any switches, variables, etc. Would it be better...
  4. Check whether player is "hovering" a certain choice

    I'm working on my custom menu. Is it possible to check whether the player's "selection" is above a certain choice(hovering)? I want the player to be able to change the volume by pressing the right\left buttons and do the same with other options in the menu.
  5. Change "master volume" via Script Call

    I'm working on my own menu system. Would it be possible to change the game's volume via script call?
  6. Detecting frame drops using Debug console?

    I'm noticing periodic frame drops from 60 FPS to 30(just for a second or so) from time to time, but I fail to find its source since I'm getting it even on empty maps. Could I somehow find it using the Debug console? Are there any other instruments for that? I looked into it but couldn't figure...
  7. How to round a variable's value?

    Basically, how do I convert "floating" numbers like 6.25, etc into "integer" numbers - (1,2,3...)? I know there's a Math.round script call, but I'm not sure how it works. The variable has nothing to do with battles.
  8. Fixed GALV Projectiles or QABS | Your opinion | Evented ABS

    Hello. Currently, I'm working on my own evented action battle system similar to games like Undertale, Other: her loving embrace, etc. The system based on GALV projectiles is 75% finished but I have encountered compatibility issues with QMovement issue. Basically, GALV doesn't recognize the...
  9. Change game's FPS via ScriptCall

    So I'm desperately trying to get the Slow Motion using this Japanese plugin, but I simply does nothing for me. I change the plugin's placement. Removed all FPS upgrade plugins, but nothing. Despite having zero coding knoledge I even tried to use it as a Script Call: var scene_Map_update =...
  10. Fixing default RPG Maker jump | jumping speed by frames

    So for some reason when you use jump (like the enemy is jumping on you) RPG Maker first transfers events collider and only then the sprite itself which is a problem when you're trying to make evented battle sytems. Second, I wanted the event to shoot projectile after its landing, but the "wait"...
  11. Pause the game momentarily via script call

    I'm working on a new active battle system for my game and I wanted to add little freezes like when the player gets hit by an enemy etc. The game freezing effect is broadly used in tons of fighting games and hugely contributes to the overall game feel. Can I somehow freeze all game processes...
  12. Check picture's current position x,y

    Is there a way to do that? I have tried this, but it doesn't work for me ;(
  13. Remove name input "choose letters" table\chart.

    You can input the characters name via keyboard in my game, so I wanted to get rid of this ugly looking letters "chart", plus I would love to change the input window's width. I've tried different plugins, but none of them has worked for me. I suppose some changes to rpg_window and rpg_scenes have...
  14. RMMV Default WASD Movement with YanfyKeyboardConfig

    Can I make WASD movement the default one without making the player configure it by himself using YanfyKeyboardConfig? I've tried other plugins but this is the only one that works with mv3d for some reason.
  15. Automatically load a save file instead of game over. (RPG Maker MV)

    I want my game to automatically load the last save file after the player's death without making him go through the title screen or load the save file menu. My problem is that this script doesn't work for me, since it fails to load several plugin commands for some reason. if...
  16. VE_SFont disabling smoothing lag (PAID)

    My game's played in fullscreen and has pixel-perfect graphics. To achieve that I used this script which is disabling smoothing when loading a map and new visual elements on the screen. I'm also using VE_SFont which replaces all letters in the show message window with images. The problem is that...
  17. Script calls to call menu commands\options?

    I'm using MV3D and wanted to create an on-map title screen. None of the plugins have worked for me due to compatibility issues, so now my only hope is to first render the 3D map and then display title menu commands via Script Calls. Is it doable?
  18. Move event to a certain coordinate (x, y)

    I've been struggling with this for quite a lot of time. YEP_MoveCore and QPathfinding don't work for me. I've looked into RMMV Script Calls list but this "$gameMap.event(id).command(x);" doesn't make any sense to me. What is the command for what I'm looking for?
  19. RMMV Dynamic sound plugin based on player's direction and camera's yaw for MV3D\UltraMode 7

    I've tried to make it via event commands and script calls but FAILED since I couldn't find the way to change audio's pan and volume independently.
  20. Change pan\pitch\volume of currently playing audio?

    I'm making my own dynamic audio based on the character's direction(for a 3D game). Is there any way to change the pan\pitch of currently playing audio via ScriptCalls?

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